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Moderator and Administrator Comment Tags
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August 24, 2009, 06:10:04 PM
Last Modified:
December 28, 2017, 03:47:17 PM
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1.1.21, 2.0.15
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Moderator and Administrator Comment Tags

Written by: ArantorCurrent version: 1.9
Suitable for: 1.1.x, 2.0.xSupported languages:

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This mod adds three tags - [admin], [gmod] and [mod] - to the system which provide the ability for moderators and administrators to add comments clearly delineated as such.

All three are permission controlled; you can give out each button to any user group independently; for example you may have co-admins who are effectively admins without them having the 'administrate forum' permission, and this would allow you to grant it to them.

Groups who are not authorised to use these tags cannot do so and the tags are removed if they attempt to use them.

For themers: you can customise the resultant blocks by styling .admin_comment, .gmod_comment and .mod_comment respectively.

Thanks to @ngel for French translation, 130860 for Spanish translation, Eclipse16V for German translation, Akyhne for Danish translation, Pentaxian for Dutch translation, qnub for Russian translation and Costa for the Portuguese translation.


Package Manager should work in most cases. If you need to make any edits, the full list can be obtained from the Parse function on the right.

Useful links
Manual Installation Of Mods
How Do I Modify Files?


Questions should be address to the mod support topic.


To update from 1.8 or below, please uninstall then install 1.9 from the package manager.


1.9 - 28 December 2017
Modified the security routine to work on PHP beyond 5.5. PHP 5.3 is now required for mod v1.9.

1.8 - 29 December 2009
Added Russian and Portuguese support.
Cleaned up package contents (not a visible change)

1.7 - 9 November 2009
Added Dutch support

1.6 - 26 October 2009
Added 2.0 RC2 support.

1.5 - 25 September 2009
Added Danish translation.

1.4 - 10 September 2009
Made Moderator tag board specific.
Added German translation.

1.3 - 4 September 2009
Bugfix from French translation.
Added Spanish translation.

1.2 - 4 September 2009
Bugfix from 1.1 regarding the new Global Moderator tag permissions not being enforced correctly.
Added support for French translation.

1.1 - 4 September 2009
Added support for the global moderator tag, plus moved all three to permissions-based from the admin panel

1.0 - 14 August 2009
First release

Files modified by Moderator and Administrator Comment Tags

Themes/yourtheme/Post.template.php (1.1 only)
Sources/Subs-Editor.php (2.0 only)

Themes/yourtheme/Modifications.*.php for supported languages.

Also adds 3 .gif files into Themes/yourtheme/images/bbc, and 3 into Themes/yourtheme/images