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Recent Mods
Allows for a WYISWYG quick reply (with per-user options).
47,999 0 2.0
Adds a 'Read the Rules' link above post/preview buttons for n00bs ;)
8,595 0 2.0
This mod removes the 'XHTML, RSS & WAP2' links from the footer of your site.
4,926 0 2.0
Very simple 'mod' to add some basic yet very effective caching option to your .htaccess file.
3,198 0 2.0
Mod to display a message at the top right of your site will alert you when the server is over loaded
2,720 0 2.0
Adds a 'new topic' button on the boards index including boards with child boards.
2,710 0 2.0
Very simple 'mod' to add some options to block bots easily via your .htaccess file.
2,243 0 2.0
Very simple 'mod' to add some options to block proxy servers easily via your .htaccess file.
2,181 0 2.0
Randomized the 'News Fader' to show them in a random order.
2,113 0 2.0
Very simple mod to add a custom tiny url to your topics page for sharing links easier etc
2,107 0 2.0
Disables the 'Recent Posts' on board index for guests.
1,643 0 2.0
Disables the 'News Fader' for guest members.
1,451 0 2.0
Enables you to have the Post/Preview buttons on the left or centred.
1,304 0 2.0
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