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July 22, 2008, 07:44:12 PM
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WYSIWYG Quick Reply v2 vv2.3

Allows for a WYISWYG quick reply (with per-user options).
Compatible With 2.0.11
Latest version vv2.3
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WYSIWYG Quick Reply v2.3
~{By PaulpBaker}~
(Based on Karl Benson's code)

Link to Mod | My Mods | Support Topic

SMF 2.0

Allows for a WYSIWYG quick reply (tieing into per-user options so they can decide whether they want with/without bbcodes and smilies.)

Have some suggestions to make this mod better? Please let me know in the support topic.


- Puts SMF 2.x WYSIWYG onto quick reply
- 6 Modes to select your preferred from
- WYSIWYG (with bbc buttons and smilies)
- WYSIWYG (with smilies only) (see note)
- Non-WYSIWYG (with bbc buttons and smilies)
- Non-WYSIWYG (with smilies only) (see note)
- Non-WYSIWYG (standard)
- Per user configurable option (set via Profile > Look and Layout)
- Forum-Wide default settable (set via Admin > Current Theme > Member Options)
- For both these links;
  > Configure guest and new user options for this theme
  > Change current options for all members using this theme
- If user nor admin has set the option, it will default to showing the WYSIWYG with bbc buttons and smilies
- Quick reply must be enabled for it to show. [SMF Default setting]
- Supports Languages
- English/English-utf8
- English_British/English_British-utf8
- Brazilian/Brazilian-utf8 support (Thanks to Joomlamz)
- Portuguese/Portuguese-utf8 support (Thanks to Joomlamz)
- Polish/Polish-utf8 support (Thanks to ccbtimewiz)
- Turkish/Turkish-utf8 support (Thanks to [Burak])
- Russian/Russian-utf8 support (Thanks to Bugo)

Any previous versions of this mod MUST be uninstalled BEFORE installing this version.

Install the package on the SMF Default 'Curve' Theme ONLY. Other themes will need manual edits.

Useful Links
SMF Package Parser
Manual Installation Of Mods
How Do I Modify Files?

Please use the modification thread for support with this modification.
(Please don't ask me to do the edits for you)

v2.3 - 25th February 2011: Fixed the quick reply bug again for rc4/rc5 thanks to Bugo
v2.1 - 26th March 2010: Fixed the 'oEditorHandle' bug (Quote not working on quick reply)
v2.0 - 15th March 2010: Fixed for RC3
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