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January 26, 2010, 09:13:51 AM
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October 11, 2014, 11:10:35 PM

SMF Social Network LITE v2.0rc2

SMF Social Network allows you to create your social network (like facebook) fully integrated in SMF.
Compatible With 2.0.2
Latest version v2.0rc2
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SMF Social Network
LITE Version
Developed by: MonoTiz

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Mention Autocomplete: jquery.mentionsInput required!
Theme Compatibility
Portal Block
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Terms of Service


SMF Social Network PRO allows you to create your social network fully integrated into SMF. Continuing with the installation, you acknowledge that you have read and approved this document and the terms of service.
This MOD is tested only for SMF without any other MOD installed and with default Theme. If you receive a warnings or errors during installation, stop the installation.
Use the MOD at your own risk and AS IS. The author does not assume any responsibility for any problems or loss of data.
There are no refunds in the event of malfunction.
The author not assicure tecnical assistance.


  • Show the latest activities of registered user or your buddies.
  • Show the latest topics.
  • Show the avatar changes.
  • Show the signature changes.
  • Show the status message (integrated with personal_text).
  • Show the latest events
  • Lets you share text, links or images.
  • Write on member Showcase.
  • Show incoming events in the right column (of all member or only your buddies depending by settings).
  • Show incoming birthdays in the right column (of all member or only your buddies depending by settings).

Only PRO Version:

  • Mention autocomplete like this: @username.
  • Captcha verification available!
  • Show the latest SMF Bay items
  • Advanced link recognition.
  • Youtube and Vimeo link recognition and video preview.
  • You can easily add internal links by the menu button. You can easily share photos or other items in your gallery (No HTML, only BBC).
  • Like It, UnLike It system.
  • Comments systems.
  • Notifications system for Like It, UnLike It and Comments.
  • Email notifications system.
  • Simple PHP code block for portal integration.


Read this topic!

Try It!

Before download this MOD, I reccomend to try it by the SMF Social Network PRO TEST MOD attached to this post. This test MOD simply tests your SMF installation. You have to install this test MOD by Package Manager and looking for warnings and errors. Next, you must unistall this test MOD and install SMF Social Network!.

Mention Autocomplete: jquery.mentionsInput required!

SMF Social Network PRO allow you to mention the other member, simply typing @username. For this feature, SMF Social Network required a third part script. You must download jquery.mentionsInput from this link: and extract the package in your default-theme-dir/mentionsInput path.

Next you need the jquery-1.7.2.min.js available here: You must copy this file in your default-theme-dir/mentionsInput/lib path.

Next you need the underscore-min.js available here: You must copy this file in your default-theme-dir/mentionsInput/lib path.

Finally you can check the right installation by the SMF Social Network PRO Admin Panel. I suggest to use my modified version of jquery.mentionsInput.css file. You can find this file attached to this post. You must overwrite the same file in your default-theme-dir/mentionsInput path.


LITE Version
PRO Version


SMF Social Network is available in this language (included the utf8 versions):

  • English
  • Italian
This MOD makes changes in the following language files:

  • Modifications.english.php
  • Modifications.italian.php
The other language files is:

  • SMFSocialNetwork.english.php
  • SMFSocialNetwork.italian.php


LITE: SMF 2.0.2
PRO: SMF 2.0.2

Theme Compatibility

This MOD works only with default theme and affects the following theme files:

  • index.template.php
  • Profile.template.php

Portal Integration (Only PRO version)

Create a new PHP Code Block and paste this code (replace $num_items with the number of items that you want show):
global $sourcedir, $settings;

// show_form = 0 ---> only message without form
// show_form = 1 ---> message + form
// show_form = 2 ---> only form without message
$show_form = 1;
$num_items = 5;
$only_profile = false; // true show only your items, false show all items

if (!allowedTo('smfsocialnetwork_access'))
echo 'Sorry, you cannot access to SMF Social Network';
elseif (!file_exists($sourcedir . '/SMFSocialNetwork.php'))
echo 'No SMFSocialNetwork.php file found';
elseif (!file_exists($settings['default_theme_dir'] . '/SMFSocialNetwork.template.php'))
echo 'No SMFSocialNetwork.template.php file found';
require_once($sourcedir . '/SMFSocialNetwork.php');
smfsocialnetwork_portal_block($num_items, $show_form, $only_profile);


  • Backup your data
  • Uninstall the older versions.
  • Install the new version.

Report bugs / issues / suggests

You can report bugs / issues/ suggest here:

Terms of Service

  • This package is provided as is and without any warranty.
  • All copyright notices in source files or otherwise generated shall remain intact without modification. The name of the package and links to associated websites must remain in clear view for all users.
  • Distribution of this package is not allowed
  • Use the MOD at your own risk. The author does not assume any responsibility for any problems or loss of data.
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