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Mod Name:
Recycle Bin Cleaner
Created By:
First Created:
September 10, 2008, 04:14:37 PM
Last Modified:
June 11, 2009, 04:32:47 AM
Latest Version:
Compatible With:
1.1.6, 1.1.7, 1.1.9
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Download this mod (5kB) [2204]
Manual Install Instructions for SMF

Below are some preview images of what the mod looks like when being used



  • This mod gives you auto cleaning option of your Recyle Bin board.
  • Normally there is no option set for cleaning old aged recyled topics.
    You send removed topics into Recycle Bin and they will stay forever until you purge from there.
  • With this mod you can set age for recyled topics and leave rest to the mod.
    Older topics than your setting will be purged every day.
  • Also there will be manual purge option in Forum Maintenance (If recycling of deleted topics enabled).
    You can manually purge recyled topics from there.
  • Beware: Exist posts and topics (sticky or not) in Recycle Bin will be emptied in first time installation.
    Move them into another place if you need. Take a database backup just in case.

Version Info:
  • Its only working with smf 1.1.x versions.

How To Use:
  • Download mod file and place it in packages folder and then begin the setup process within admin panel.
  • This mod changing 10 file.
  • Manually edit your MessageIndex.template.php if you use custom theme shown as below.
  • Default option of Auto clean recycle bin is disabled. You need to enable it after installation. Its located under:
    "Admin (Top Menu) -> Boards (Lef handed menu) -> Settings (Upper Menu)".
  • You can find manual purge option in (It will shown if recycling of deleted topics enabled)
    "Admin (Top Menu) -> Forum Maintenance (Lef handed menu)".
  • Help of each settings are included, just click the icons and see whats those options for.
  • In default working of Recycle Bin; it sorts topics according to posting date, not the date of deleting.
    With this mod forum engine will sort Recycled Posts according to their deletion time.
  • For doing this; Last post column replaced with Recycled time in Recycle Bin board.
  • If you setup correctly, forum engine will purge Recyle Bin once for every day at 00:00.

Version History:
  • v1.1 (11-06-2009)
    • Fixed db_query error (missing __FILE__, __LINE__).
  • v1.0 (10-09-2008)
    • Initial release.

Manual Edit Custom Theme: (MessageIndex.template.php)
Code: [Select]
<td class="catbg3" width="22%"><a href="', $scripturl, '?board=', $context['current_board'], '.', $context['start'], ';sort=last_post', $context['sort_by'] == 'last_post' && $context['sort_direction'] == 'up' ? ';desc' : '', '">', $txt[111], $context['sort_by'] == 'last_post' ? ' <img src="' . $settings['images_url'] . '/sort_' . $context['sort_direction'] . '.gif" alt="" />' : '', '</a></td>';
Code: [Select]
<td class="catbg3" width="22%"><a href="', $scripturl, '?board=', $context['current_board'], '.', $context['start'], ';sort=last_post', $context['sort_by'] == 'last_post' && $context['sort_direction'] == 'up' ? ';desc' : '', '">', ((!empty($modSettings['recycle_enable']) && !empty($modSettings['recycle_board'])) && ($modSettings['recycle_board'] == $context['current_board'])) ? $txt['recycle_recycled_time'] : $txt[111], $context['sort_by'] == 'last_post' ? ' <img src="' . $settings['images_url'] . '/sort_' . $context['sort_direction'] . '.gif" alt="" />' : '', '</a></td>';

  • First of uninstall this mod within admin panel.
  • If you manually edited your custom theme, dont forget to change it back.
  • recycledTime column in {$db_prefix}topics table wont be deleted, in case you install back.
    If you wont install this mod back, delete that column without hesitate.
  • You can use SQL codes shown as below, or do it by yourself.

Manual Uninstall SQL Entries:
  • Use this SQL code to delete unnecessary column (smf_ is table prefix, change with yours).
Code: [Select]
ALTER TABLE `smf_topics`
DROP `recycledTime`;

  • Use this SQL code to delete modsettings variables used by this mod.
Code: [Select]
DELETE FROM `smf_settings`  WHERE `variable`  IN (