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Posting Announcement
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Marcus Forsberg
New Feature
First Created:
October 25, 2008, 03:39:02 AM
Last Modified:
July 28, 2018, 12:00:40 AM
Latest Version:
Compatible With:
2.0.4, 2.0.15
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Posting Announcement (3kB) [1624]
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Posting Announcement
By Mick G., originally by Nas.

(For SMF 2.0)

This mod allows you to spesify a message which will be displayed when your users are posting.
Message is edited in:
SMF 2.0: Admin > Configuration > Modifications > Miscellaneous

Tested on fresh installation of 2.0

o English
o Swedish
o Brazilian
I welcome new translation. Post them in the mods topic.

If you need support whit this mod, use the modification thread.
December 2010
o Updated to RC4. 31st March 2010
o Fixed scroller bar issue while posting.
o Added the warning message into a RED box.
1.1.5 13th June
o Fixed the "File not found"-errors on brazilian and swedish language.
o Fixed the test failed error on Post.template.php.
o Preparing for new functionallity: Different announcements on different boards. (Next version)
o Preparing for new functionallity: Make the icon infront of the announcement optional. (Next version)
1.1.4 27th May 2009
o BBC can now be used within the announcement. 23rd May 2009
o Now supports SMF 2.0 RC1-1. 30th Mars 2009
o A simple typo made the 2.0 package unable to parse and install.
1.1.3 17th Mars 2009
o Now support SMF 2.0 RC1.
1.1.2 29th October 2008
o Added brazilian language, thanks to Costa.
1.1.1 28th October 2008
o Fixed a small mistake in the installation for SMF 1.1.6.
1.1 28th October 2008
o Added support for SMF 1.1.6
o Added swedish language
1.0 25th October 2008
o Mod was submitted to the SMF Mod Site.