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Animated Starcraft Avatars
Created By:
Buttons and Avatars
First Created:
April 17, 2009, 04:15:12 PM
Last Modified:
April 17, 2009, 07:03:40 PM
Latest Version:
Compatible With:
1.1.8, 2.0 RC1
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Download this mod (624kB) [2446]
Manual Install Instructions for SMF


Animated Starcraft Avatars

Due to SMF's apparent, although not posted submission size limitations,
this is a 2 stage download. The total size of the package will be 3.9 MB

STAGE 1 - Download the package from here. (SMF download page)
   This will install the avatar package with SOME avatars.
STAGE 2 - Download the remaining avatars from HERE.
Unzip this package on your computer and manually upload to your ".../avatars/Starcraft" folder.

73 Animated Starcraft Avatars

Images provided by Blizzplanet Photo Gallery and Avatarity.

Avatars: 73
Dimensions: 60px by 56px (71 avatars) 57px by 50px (2 avatars)
Format: .gif

Can be seen at: Friends-Alumni

You DO NOT need to join to see them. They are in the AVATAR SETS section of the main menu.
No hotlinking please. I will be changing the filenames often.

Blah blah stuff:

I'm not much of a gamer, but Starcraft is one game I enjoy playing.
Like many of us Starcraft fans, I am also waiting somewhat patiently for Starcraft 2.

This avatar mod is one way of giving something back to the SMF community for their support.

Thanks and enjoy.