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Ajax History Graph
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New Feature
First Created:
April 20, 2009, 03:16:57 AM
Last Modified:
May 14, 2009, 03:36:24 AM
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Compatible With:
2.0 RC1
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Ajax History Graph v0.1
By Slinouille

This mod adds the possibility to display the forum's history into a Graph
jQLightbox mod uses:
- pChart graph library : - v1.27b
- jQuery javascript library : - v1.3.2
- jQuery daterangepicker plugin : - v1.0
- jQuery MultiSelect plugin : - v1.0.1b

o Range of dates easy selection
o Series to display selection (New topics; New posts; New members; Most online; Web hits)
o Ajax refresh ... just the graph is reloaded

Simply install the package to install this modification on the SMF Default Core theme.
Manual edits will be required for other themes.

After installation, check that directory $themedir/AjaxHistoryGraph/pChart/Cache has chmod 777

This mod is compatible with SMF 2.0 RC1 Public and above only.

Usage indication
The graph is displayed using 2 parameters.

o Range: this is where you have to indicate what is the range of dates you want the graph to use.
In other word, simply indicate start and end date.

o Series: this is where you indicate what are the data you want to display. You can select one or several series to be displayed.
You can select between those series: New posts; New topics; New members; Maximum online; Web hits.

Please use the modification thread for support with this modification.

0.1 - 19th April 2009
o Initial release