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Spam Prevention
First Created:
September 15, 2009, 10:22:00 AM
Last Modified:
March 01, 2020, 10:22:57 AM
Latest Version:
Compatible With:
1.1.10, 1.1.11, 1.1.12, 1.1.13, 1.1.14, 1.1.21, 2.0 RC2, 2.0 RC3, 2.0 RC4, 2.0 RC5, 2.0, 2.0.10, 2.0.17
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Manual Install Instructions for SMF

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MOD httpBL v2.5.1

  • Author:
  • Version:
  • Release:
28th December 2010
  • Languages:

  • Compatible With:
SMF 1.1.1 - 1.1.21
SMF 2 RC2 - SMF 2.0.17
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but really like more to talk,
and using a microphone can sort
any problem a lot faster.
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(Before you ask for a new feature or report a bug
check if it's already in the cue waiting to be done)


  • This mod uses the http:BL API from Project Honey Pot to stop spammers from accesing your forum.

  • This mod is completely compatible with M-DVD's MOD Stop Spammer.
    You can have both mods installed or only one of them to stop the spammers in your forum,
    but I would recommend you to have both.

  • The main differences between both mods are:

    • MOD Stop Spammer checks the database from Stop Forum Spam
      while MOD httpBL checks the database from Project Honey Pot.

      A lot of spammers are already in both databases, but some spammers are only in one of them,
      so it won't be a bad idea anyway to check both databases.

    • MOD Stop Spammer cheks if the visitor is a spammer when they try
      to register inside the forum while MOD httpBL checks them as soon as they arrive
      to the forum and redirect them to a file called warning.php making
      the whole site invisible to them.

      This way even harvesters (robots that never post in a forum, but search for email addresses
      to send them spam later) and any other kind of malicious web robots
      cannot even see any part of the site.


Before you install this mod I will recommend you
to read this TUTORIAL

Anyway here is a quick summary:

  • 2.- Once you are a member, follow the instructions from their site to
    install a Honey Pot in your server.

  • 3.- After you get your first honey pot activated, ask them for your own http:BL API key.

  • 4.- Download and install MOD httpBL as any other mod.

  • 5.- Configure the mod properly and enable it.

If you need help installing this mod or you want to see more information about it,
visit the support thread for this mod.

Thanks to Project Honey Pot for your DB and APIs.

Thanks to praseodym for the idea.
His mod is for Drupal, but I have adapted some of his functions to work with SMF as well.

Thanks to butchs, Wizzlefits and the rest of the people in SMF forums
for the new ideas and helping me debugging the mod.

Thanks to Marcin Krol and X3mE for writing the functions in the Mod OS & Browser Detection
and to ahrasis for making nicer the icons I'm using for the addon_OS_Browser_httpBL


Languages for the admin section (normal & utf-8)
Translation completed:
  • English
  • English_british
  • Spanish_es
  • Spanish_latin

Missing the lines added from v2.5:
Languages for the warning page
Translation completed:
  • English-Spanish

Missing the lines added from v2.4:
  • Included in MOD package
  • Included in and translation complete
  • Included in but translation incomplete

Code: [Select]
// General
$txt['httpBL_title'] = 'MOD httpBL';
$txt['httpBL_honeyPot_link_error'] = 'Wrong honeyPot link. Check your MOD httpBL configuration.';
$txt['httpBL_honeyPot_key_error'] = 'Wrong http:BL API key. Check your MOD httpBL configuration.';
$txt['httpBL_honeyPot_key_error_2'] = 'Connection failed. This either means that your http:BL API key is incorrect or that there is a problem in your DNS system.';
$txt['httpBL_caught'] = 'Spammers stopped by MOD httpBL: ';

// Config page
$txt['httpBL_description'] = 'The MOD httpBL checks every visitor\'s IP to see if it\'s already in projecthoneypot\'s DB. If this is true the mod redirects them to the warning.php page denying them access to the forum.<br />Here you can turn the mod on and off and change some of its parameters.';
$txt['httpBL_enable'] = 'Enable/Disable MOD httpBL';
$txt['httpBL_enable_bad_API_key'] = 'The API key you have written is wrong. Check it out carefully and try again.';
$txt['httpBL_honeyPot_link'] = 'Link to your Honey Pot';
$txt['httpBL_honeyPot_key'] = 'Your Honey Pot http:BL API key';
$txt['httpBL_honeyPot_word'] = 'Keyword of your Honey Pot link';
$txt['httpBL_honeyPot_word_sub'] = 'This is the only word in your Honey Pot link the spammers are going to see. Write something to attract them and make them click on it and not anything scary for them. If you cannot find out a good word just leave it blank. The mod will choose one for you.';
$txt['httpBL_info_email_1'] = 'First word of your email';
$txt['httpBL_info_email_2'] = 'Second word of your email';
$txt['httpBL_info_email_3'] = 'Third word of your email';
$txt['httpBL_enable_bad_email'] = 'Check the email address you have written. You cannot leave blank any of the 3 words.';
$txt['httpBL_bad_last_activity'] = 'Number of days to consider good an IP';
$txt['httpBL_bad_last_activity_sub'] = 'If an IP used to belong some time ago to a spammer, but nobody has seen it doing anything wrong since at least this number of days, we don\'t consider it dangerous now and we leave the visitor pass.';
$txt['httpBL_bad_threat'] = 'Threat level considered bad';
$txt['httpBL_bad_threat_sub'] = 'Project Honey Pot gives every IP a threat level which is changing every day depending on what this IP does and how many days ago it did it. Every IP with a threat level lower than the number you put here will pass without even been checked.';
$txt['httpBL_very_bad_threat'] = 'Threat level considered VERY bad';
$txt['httpBL_very_bad_threat_sub'] = 'Every IP with a threat level greater than the number you put here won\'t be able to pass at all. The IPs with a threat level between both numbers will see a captcha and, if they prove they are humans, they will be granted a pass for a few hours.';
$txt['httpBL_cookie_length'] = 'Hours until an IP needs to prove again it\'s human';
$txt['httpBL_no_negative_here'] = 'The number of days and the threat level cannot be negative numbers or 0.';
$txt['httpBL_no_higher_than'] = 'The threat level considered bad cannot be higher than the threat level considered <strong>VERY</strong> bad.';
$txt['httpBL_viewlog_extra'] = 'View extra information in the log';
$txt['httpBL_viewlog_extra_sub'] = 'If you tick this options you are going to see all the information in the log, but maybe it\'s too much and you will loose perspective. Sometimes it\'s better to see only the important things.';

// View log page
$txt['httpBL_viewlog_description'] = 'Every time the MOD httpBL stops a spammer or detects an internal error adds an entry to this log you can see here. This is the list of spammers stopped by the mod either because their threat level was higher than the threat level considered <strong>VERY</strong> bad or because they saw the captcha and couldn\'t prove they were humans.';
$txt['httpBL_viewlogerror_description'] = 'This is the list of the internal errors detected by the mod when trying to check an IP. Depending on the error, some of them may have been stopped and others may have been allowed in. To see all the information here you need to press the button <strong>"Show extra information"</strong>.';
$txt['httpBL_log_no_entries'] = 'There are no entries in the MOD httpBL Spammers Log. Either you haven\'t caught any spammer yet or you have erased all the entries.';
$txt['httpBL_logpass_no_entries'] = 'There are no entries in the MOD httpBL Humans Log. Either nobody have proved to be human yet or you have erased all the entries.';
$txt['httpBL_logerror_no_entries'] = 'There are no entries in the MOD httpBL Errors Log. Either you haven\'t got any errors yet or you have erased all the entries.';
$txt['httpBL_viewlog_extra'] = 'Show extra information';
$txt['httpBL_viewlog_normal'] = 'Hide extra information';
$txt['httpBL_log_show_legend'] = 'Show legend';
$txt['httpBL_log_hide_legend'] = 'Hide legend';
$txt['httpBL_pages'] = 'Pages';
$txt['httpBL_log_date'] = 'Date';
$txt['httpBL_log_ip'] = 'IP';
$txt['httpBL_log_threat'] = 'Th. L.';
$txt['httpBL_log_threat_long'] = 'Threat Level - The threat level of this IP in Project Honey Pot database.';
$txt['httpBL_log_activity'] = 'L. B. A.';
$txt['httpBL_log_activity_long'] = 'Last Bad Activity - The number of days since this IP was seen doing something wrong.';
$txt['httpBL_log_suspicious'] = 'S.';
$txt['httpBL_log_suspicious_long'] = 'Suspicious - Just suspicious of being a spammer.';
$txt['httpBL_log_harvester'] = 'H.';
$txt['httpBL_log_harvester_long'] = 'Harvester - A robot that surfs the internet looking for email addresses to use them later to send spam.';
$txt['httpBL_log_comment'] = 'C.';
$txt['httpBL_log_comment_long'] = 'Comment Spammer - A robot that post to blogs and forums. These posts typically are full of links to sites being promoted by the spammers.';
$txt['httpBL_log_url'] = 'Page';
$txt['httpBL_log_url_long'] = 'The page this IP was visiting when it was detected and expelled by the mod.';
$txt['httpBL_log_error_message'] = 'Message';
$txt['httpBL_yes'] = 'Yes';
$txt['httpBL_threat_colors'] = 'Meaning of colors:';
$txt['httpBL_threat_low'] = 'Low threat';
$txt['httpBL_threat_medium'] = 'Medium threat';
$txt['httpBL_threat_high'] = 'High threat';
$txt['httpBL_threat_very_high'] = 'Very high threat';
$txt['httpBL_log_remove_all_confirm'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete all MOD httpBL log entries? - Please notice this action will delete not only the entries in this section, but ALL THE ENTRIES IN THE LOG.';
$txt['httpBL_log_remove_selected_confirm'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete all selected MOD httpBL log entries?';

// Errors
$txt['httpBL_log_no_error'] = 'No error';
$txt['httpBL_no_errorNumber'] = 'There is no error number';
$txt['httpBL_no_defined'] = 'No defined yet';
$txt['httpBL_answers_captcha'] = 'Answers on the captcha';
$txt['httpBL_answer_captcha'] = 'Answer on the captcha';
$txt['httpBL_good'] = 'Good';
$txt['httpBL_bad'] = 'Bad';
$txt['httpBL_empty_ip'] = 'Empty IP';
$txt['httpBL_wrote_hiding'] = 'Wrote on a hiding place';
$txt['httpBL_no_show_captcha'] = 'Th. L. too high. Didn\'t show the captcha';
$txt['httpBL_no_reverse_ip'] = 'Cannot check. IP not normal. Allowed to pass';
$txt['httpBL_log_key_error'] = 'Cannot check due to API key error. Allowed to pass';
$txt['httpBL_no_127'] = 'Cannot check. response[raw] doesn\'t start by 127. Allowed to pass';
$txt['httpBL_unknown'] = 'unknown';

// Lines changed from v2.3 to v2.4
$txt['httpBL_log_user_agent'] = 'User Agent';

// New lines in v2.4
$txt['permissionname_httpBL_free_pass'] = 'Never be checked by mod httpBL';
$txt['permissionhelp_httpBL_free_pass'] = 'If this permission is enabled, all the members in this group will be able to enter always the forum without been checked by mod httpBL, even if their computer is controlled by a trojan spammer robot.<br />---<br />Enable it only if you know exactly what you are doing.';
$txt['httpBL_last_act_too_high'] = 'Last activity too long ago. Allowed to pass';
$txt['httpBL_threat_too_low'] = 'Threat Level too low. Allowed to pass';
$txt['httpBL_enable_sub'] = 'With this check-box checked the mod is ON. With the check-box unchecked the mod is OFF.';
$txt['httpBL_mod_no_connect_1'] = 'Mod httpBL is ON but there is no connection just now with HoneyPot. Please try later.';
$txt['httpBL_mod_no_connect_2'] = 'If the problem persists ask for help in the <a href="" target="_blank">official support forum</a>.';
$txt['httpBL_mod_new_version_1'] = 'Mod httpBL is ON but it is not up-to-date.';
$txt['httpBL_mod_new_version_2'] = 'There is a new version of this mod. <a href="" target="_blank">Please update it here whenever you can</a>.';
$txt['httpBL_mod_all_ok'] = 'Mod httpBL is ON, it is up-to-date and the connection with HoneyPot is perfect.';
$txt['httpBL_mod_is_off'] = 'Mod httpBL is OFF.';
$txt['OS_Browser_Compatible'] = 'compatible';
$txt['OS_Browser_OS'] = 'Operating System';
$txt['OS_Browser_Unknown'] = 'Unknown';
$txt['OS_Browser_Browser'] = 'Browser';
$txt['httpBL_cache_length'] = 'Minutes to keep the data in the cache';
$txt['httpBL_cache_length_sub'] = 'Every time the mod checks an IP saves the data in the cache (if it\'s enabled) and in the visitor\'s session for the amount of minutes you write here. If the same IP visit your page again before this amount of minutes have passed, the mod won\'t check it again, but it will use the data stored in the cache and/or session.';
$txt['httpBL_view_os_whosonline'] = 'View OS & Browser data in "Who\'s Online" page';

// Lines changed from v2.4 to v2.5
$txt['httpBL_config'] = 'Settings';
$txt['httpBL_honeyPot_link_sub'] = 'After you have installed a Honey Pot in your server, write here the link to it. It will be something like:<br /><strong></strong>';
$txt['httpBL_honeyPot_key_sub'] = 'Please notice Project Honey Pot is not going to give you one if you haven\'t installed a Honey Pot, so you better do that first.';
$txt['httpBL_viewlog'] = 'Spammers Log';
$txt['httpBL_viewlogpass'] = 'Humans Log';
$txt['httpBL_viewlogerror'] = 'Errors Log';
$txt['httpBL_viewlogpass_description'] = 'This is the list of the humans stopped by the mod but allowed in after they have proved they were not robots. Plus all the people detected as spammers in the database but with a threat level lower than the "Threat level considered bad" you have in your settings, so they were not stopped at all.';
$txt['httpBL_info_email_desc'] = 'The mod needs your email address to tell you if there are any problems and to show it to the human beings unlucky enough to have an IP considered as spammer and not knowing how to get out of the page <strong>warning.php</strong>, so they can ask you for help. Then, it has to be a valid email address. We have split it into 3 words so the robots cannot see it. For example, if your address is <strong></strong> the first word is <strong>info</strong>, the second one <strong>yourwebsite</strong>, and the third one <strong>com</strong>.';
$txt['httpBL_cookie_length_sub'] = 'As the IPs change very often, when the visitors see the captcha and prove they are human they are allowed inside the page only for this amount of hours. After that, the IP may be coming from a different computer.';
$txt['httpBL_view_os_whosonline_sub'] = 'Mod httpBL uses the functions inside "Mod OS & Browser Detection" to display in the logs the operating system and the browser used by all the visits stored in those logs. If you want to see also in your "Who\'s Online" page, the operating system and the browser used by all your visitors, check this check-box. Of course, to be able to see them, in the logs and in your "Who\'s Online" page, you need to have installed either <a href="" target="_blank">Mod OS & Browser Detection</a> or the small <a href="" target="_blank">addon to see OS & Browser in httpBL</a>.';

// Don't translate these lines. They need to be here because in SMF 2.0 this is a little different than 1.x
global $boardurl, $smcFunc;
if (empty($smcFunc['db_query']))
$httpBL_help_link = $boardurl. '/index.php?action=httpBL;sa=helping';
$httpBL_help_link = $boardurl. '/index.php?action=admin;area=httpBL;sa=helping';

// New lines in v2.5
$txt['httpBL_general_settings'] = 'General Settings';
$txt['httpBL_general_settings_desc'] = 'If you want to use MOD httpBL you must have a Honey Pot installed in your server and a http:BL API key from Project Honey Pot. If you haven\'t got them you need to go first to <a href="" target="_blank"></a> to ask for a Honey Pot, install it in your server and then ask them for your http:BL API key.';
$txt['httpBL_info_email'] = 'Your email address';
$txt['httpBL_internal_settings'] = 'Internal Settings';
$txt['httpBL_internal_settings_desc'] = 'These are the internal settings to control the way mod httpBL works. We wouldn\'t recommend you to change them until you know the way every change will affect the mod.';
$txt['httpBL_extra_settings'] = 'Extra Settings';
$txt['httpBL_extra_settings_desc'] = 'Other settings you may like to change.';
$txt['httpBL_warning_settings'] = 'Warning Page Settings';
$txt['httpBL_warning_settings_desc'] = 'If you want to see the look of your "warning.php" page with this settings (the page everybody with an IP considered dangerous is going to be redirected) press this link: <a href="'. $boardurl. '/warning.php" target="_blank">warning.php</a><br /><br />That\'s the way it is going to appear to the not too dangerous ones. With a captcha, so they can prove if they are humans. If you want to check the way it is going to come out for the really VERY dangerous ones (without captcha) use this link instead: <a href="'. $boardurl. '/warning.php?style=medium" target="_blank">warning.php?style=medium</a><br /><br />If you want to change its design or translate that page to other languages and you don\'t know how, or if you have any other question about the MOD, you will find useful information in the <a href="'. $httpBL_help_link. '">httpBL HELP section</a>.';
$txt['httpBL_use_two_languages'] = 'Use 2 languages on the warning page';
$txt['httpBL_use_two_languages_sub'] = 'By default the warning page is in 2 different languages: English and Spanish, so all your possible visitors can understand what it says. If you leave this check-box empty it will use only English instead.';
$txt['httpBL_horizontal_separator'] = 'Horizontal separator for the warning page';
$txt['httpBL_horizontal_separator_sub'] = 'The default horizontal separator for each block inside the warning page is &lt;hr /&gt; (horizontal grey line) but you can change it to any other thing you want using HTML language.<br />
For example &lt;br /&gt; will give you just a blank line.<br />
Or for example you can put here any horizontal picture you like just writing:<br />
&lt;img src="" alt="" border="0" /&gt;<br />
(Replace the link inside the src="" with the actual path to your picture).';
$txt['httpBL_log_clear_this_log'] = 'Clear this log';
$txt['httpBL_log_clear_SpammerLog_confirm'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete all the entries in the MOD httpBL Spammers Log?';
$txt['httpBL_log_clear_HumanLog_confirm'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete all the entries in the MOD httpBL Humans Log?';
$txt['httpBL_log_clear_ErrorLog_confirm'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete all the entries in the MOD httpBL Errors Log?';

// Help
$txt['httpBL_helping'] = 'Help';
$txt['httpBL_helping_description'] = 'I would recommend you to read this page carefully even if you don\'t need help with mod httpBL.';
$txt['httpBL_online_title'] = 'Online help';
$txt['httpBL_online_body'] = '<p>There are a lot of ways you can ask for help, but the best one is to ask me directly any doubt you may have, so we can talk about it and sort the problem without losing any time. I don\'t mind to answer questions through forums, emails, PMs, etc, but for me it\'s a lot easier to see what is the problem and find the solution when I can talk about it using a microphone. And also I think this is a lot faster and more effective way to sort problems.<p>
<p>I am connected around 10 hours every day using the programs <strong>"Skype"</strong>, <strong>"YIM"</strong> (Yahoo Messenger) and <strong>"MSN"</strong> (Live Messenger). I have also created a system in my server to write down what I am doing at every moment and have added a piece of code to the mod to read that info from my server (the piece you can see just next to these lines) so you can see if I am available or not.</p>
<p>If you have installed as well the program Skype, the process cannot be any easier. All you have to do is wait until I am available and click on the "Online" button. That will open automatically the program Skype in your computer and will start a conversation between us.</p>
<p>If you prefer to use YIM or MSN instead of Skype or if you haven\'t got a microphone, the button is not going to work automatically. In that case the button is going to be useful for you only to know if I am available or not, but to contact me you will need to add me first inside the program you use, like any other of your contacts. My ID inside those 3 programs is this one:</p>
<li>Skype and YIM : <strong>snoopy_virtual_studio</strong></li>
<li>MSN : <strong></strong></li>
<p><strong>NOTICE:</strong> Don\'t use my hotmail address to send me emails, as I almost never read them. If you need to send me an email use this other address instead: <a href=""></a></p>
<p><strong>WARNING:</strong> There are a lot of languages in the world I can understand even if it\'s only a little of it, but the only 2 I am really fluent with are English and Spanish. If you cannot speak any of those 2 languages you can call me if you want, but I cannot promise we will be able to understand each other.</p>
<p><strong>ANOTHER WARNING:</strong> Before you start asking questions it would be a good idea to do a quick search using the links you can see further down, to see if somebody else have already had the same problem and it has already been sorted. The main reason why I have created this "Online Help" system is to save time and it would make no sense at all if I end up answering hundreds of times the same questions every day.</p>';
$txt['httpBL_help_1_title'] = 'Other ways to ask for help';
$txt['httpBL_help_1_body'] = '<p>Of course, even if I personally prefer the "Online Help" system, there will be times when it will be impossible to use it. Either because you live too far away from me and we are never online at the same time, or because you don\'t like the instant messenger programs, or because you need help when I am too busy with other projects and cannot be connected, or whatever other reason. In any of these cases you can find and/or ask for help using a lot of different ways:</p>
<li><strong><a href=";language=english" target="_blank">Tutorial explaining how the mod works, how to install it and how to configure it properly</a></strong></li>
<p>Every time I update the mod I try to update the tutorial as well, but of course that depends on the amount of free time I have at any given moment, so sometimes you will see the tutorial a little out of date with the actual performance of the mod. But I hope some day I will find time to update the tutorial properly. Besides I have been planing to add to the tutorial also a <strong>"FAQ"</strong> section with all the questions that people have been asking me over time and to add also some other useful sections. It won\'t be a bad idea to check from time to time if there is something new there.</p>
<li><strong><a href="" target="_blank">Official mod\'s support thread</a></strong></li>
<p>Full of very interesting questions and answers about the mod and other topics related to the protection against spammers. It is also the place to report any bugs you may find in the mod or to ask for new features you would like to see in future versions.</p>
<li><strong><a href=";language=english" target="_blank">The section dedicated to this mod inside my personal forum</a></strong></li>
<p>My personal forum is dedicated to sort any kind of problems anybody may have inside a lot of different IT fields. Inside it there is a section dedicated to mod httpBL, where you can see (among other things) how you can install as well this mod on other web sites made with PHP but without SMF.</p>';
$txt['httpBL_help_2_title'] = 'How you can help us';
$txt['httpBL_help_2_body'] = '<p>This mod is <strong>"Free Source"</strong> and that means it\'s a team work where all of us help each other. So it\'s not only about others solving your problems, but you should also ask yourself in what ways you can help all the people who use it. Depending on your skills and free time, the different ways you can help are these ones:</p>
<p>If this mod have helped you out, donations are a great way of saying "Thanks!". Furthermore, the months when donations reach an acceptable level, I don\'t have to spend so many hours looking for customers to make other types of work and I can devote more time to what really matters: The various free software projects which I collaborate with.</p>
<li><strong>Reporting bugs</strong></li>
<p>Whenever you see that the mod is behaving in a way that is not expected, you should report the bug in the appropriate forum. If you also have enough programming knowledge to find where is the failure and propose a solution, the better, but even if you have no idea of where the fault is, the mere fact of reporting it is helpful, because it will allow someone with more experience to know that the bug exists and to dedicate some time to solve it, which will make the mod work even better.</p>
<li><strong>Answering questions in the forum</strong></li>
<p>If you\'ve been using this mod for some time and have some practice with it, you\'ll see at times that someone asks a question in the forum that you know the answer. If you answer that question it will save me some time and allow me to concentrate on more important problems.</p>
<li><strong>Helping with the development of this mod</strong></li>
<p>If you have enough knowledge of PHP and some free time you can help solving mod bugs and/or developing future versions. To do this I have opened a <strong><a href=";language=english" target="_blank">sub-forum inside my personal forum</a></strong> where you are welcome if you are interested in the subject.</p>
<p>Any other ideas you can think of to help us is welcome.</p>';
$txt['httpBL_about_title'] = 'About MOD httpBL';
$txt['httpBL_about_body'] = '<p>Mod httpBL was started in 2009 by me, J. C. Redondo "Snoopy", from <strong><a href="" target="_blank">Snoopy Virtual Studio</a></strong>, based on ideas from Project Honey Pot message board, mainly <strong><a href="" target="_blank">from this thread</a></strong> and also from the <strong><a href="" target="_blank">Drupal http:BL MOD made by praseodym</a></strong>.</p>
<p>Of course, Drupal code is very different from SMF code, so since the beginning I had to change it a lot. Furthermore, since I started it, I\'ve been modifying it a lot more and adding new features, as I have been having new ideas or they have been suggested to me by other people in SMF forum, so in the current version there is very little left from the original work, but all this would not have been possible without that initial work.</p>
<p>Since version 2.4 of October 2010, this mod also uses the functions created by <strong>Marcin Krol</strong> and modified by <strong><a href=";u=154415" target="_blank">X3mE</a></strong> in his mod <strong><a href=";u=154415" target="_blank">OS & Browser Detection</a></strong> to detect the Operating System and Browser of potential spammers.</p>
<p>This program, as most of my work, is free software (at least the parts I have done). You may redistribute it and/or modify it for your own projects anyway you want. Just mention where you got it from, to give me the credit I deserve for my efforts. Anyway if you are going to make any money with it, I will be very grateful if you consider donating me a small percentage of your profit.</p>';
// MOD httpBL END

The only file a human visitor may ever see is the file warning.php
telling him that his IP has been hijacked by a spammer and telling him what
to do in this case, so apart from the above lines you need to translate
this file if your visitors speak another language.

As all my websites are normally visited from people who speak either english or spanish,
I have done this file warning.php in both these 2 languages,
so if your visitors speak (let's say) either english or german,
you will only need to replace the spanish part with the same thing in german.

I welcome new translations here



  • Este mod usa la http:BL API de Project Honey Pot para impedir que los spammers puedan acceder a vuestro foro.

  • Este mod es totalmente compatible con el MOD Stop Spammer de M-DVD.
    Puedes tener instalados los 2 mods o solo uno de ellos para parar a los spammers en tu foro,
    pero yo te recomendaría instalar los 2.

  • Las principales diferencias entre los 2 mods son:

    • MOD Stop Spammer usa la base de datos de Stop Forum Spam
      mientras que MOD httpBL usa la base de datos de Project Honey Pot.

      Muchos spammers estan en las 2 bases de datos a la vez, pero algunos spammers
      solo están en una de ellas, por lo que no es una mala idea comprobar
      las 2 bases de datos.

    • MOD Stop Spammer comprueba si un visitante es un spammer cuando trata
      de registrarse en el foro, mientras que MOD httpBL lo comprueba en cuanto que
      llegan al foro y los redirecciona a un archivo llamado warning.php
      haciendo que toda la web les sea totalmente invisible.

      De esta forma incluso los recolectores (robots que nunca postean en los foros,
      sino que se dedican a buscar direcciones de email para mandarles spam)
      y otros tipos de robots maliciosos no pueden ver ninguna parte
      de vuestra página web.


Antes de instalar este mod te recomendaría que
te leyeras este TUTORIAL

De todas formas aqui va un breve sumario:

  • 2.- Una vez que seais miembros, seguir las instrucciones de su página para
    instalar un Honey Pot en vuestro server.

  • 3.- Cuando tengáis activado vuestro primer honey pot, pedirles vuestra propia http:BL API key.

  • 4.- Bajaros el MOD httpBL e instalarlo como cualquier otro mod.

  • 5.- Configurar el mod bien y activarlo.

En caso de que necesites ayuda con alguno de estos pasos o que quieras ver
mas información al respecto, visita el hilo de soporte de este mod (en inglés).

Y si no hablas inglés, visita el hilo de soporte de este mod en nuestro idioma.


Change Log:


Version 2.5.1 - 28th December 2010
  *Changed the design of the help page. It was not displaying properly with some Themes
  ?Unistall old version and install new one
  ?No need to edit manually any template file if you are updating from version 2.4 or 2.5
  ?For new installations, as always, you need to edit manually the file index.template.php
if you are not using the default Theme and you will have to edit also the file
Who.template.php if you have it inside the folder of the particular Theme
you are using

Version 2.5 - 27th December 2010
  +Added a help section
  +Added the page index at the bottom of the log pages too (as requested here)
  *Changed again the function get_real_IP() (See here)
  +Added a new variable to the config page to see 2 languages or just one in the warning page
  *Changed the config page to make it easier to understand
  +Added a new button to the log pages to delete the entries of just one log (as requested here)
  !Sorted the bug Undefined index: REQUEST_URI (reported here)
  !Sorted the bug TEXT column can't get default values (reported here)
  !Sorted the bug about log pages displaying wrongly (reported here)
  !corrected a few typos (reported here) (and here)
  *Changed 10 lines and added 78 new lines in language files
  ?Unistall old version and install new one
  ?No need to edit manually any template file if you are updating from version 2.4
  ?For new installations, as always, you need to edit manually the file index.template.php
if you are not using the default Theme and you will have to edit also the file
Who.template.php if you have it inside the folder of the particular Theme
you are using

Version 2.4 - 2nd October 2010
  +Added a new system so now you can decide what group of members you don't
want to be scanned never by the mod
  !Sorted the bug in RC3 we talked about in the support forum. (See here) (and here)
  *Small change in the template file to make the mod compatible with SimplePortal
for people using SMF 1.1.11 (See here)
  !Sorted a bug inside the logs (See here)
  *Changed the design of the page warning.php as requested by
(here) and discussed in some other places in the support forum
  !Sorted the bug "Undefined index: response" reported so many
times (for example here)
  +Added a system to check if the mod is ON, if it is up-to-date and if the
connexion with HoneyPot's DB is OK
  +Added 2 columns in view-log for "Operating System" and "Browser" using the
Mod OS & Browser Detection
  +Added OS & Browser Detection to the "Who's Online" page
  +Added a checkbox to the config page to decide if you want to view OS & Browser
data in "Who's Online" page
If you want to see these last 3 features you need either to:
  +Added cache values to session so it works if cookies and cache are off
  *Changed completely the system to store and retrieve data from cache and/or session
  +Added a value to the config page to set the amount of minutes to keep the data
in the cache and/or session
  *Replaced my function httpBL_look_for_empty_ip() for the function
httpBL_get_real_ip_address() made by butchs (here)
  *Changed 2 lines and added 20 new lines in language files
  ?Unistall old version and install new one
  ?No need to edit manually any template file if you are updating from version 2.x
unless you are not using the default Theme and you have the file
Who.template.php inside the folder of the particular Theme
you are using
  ?For new installations, as always, you need to edit manually the file index.template.php
if you are not using the default Theme and you will have to edit also the file
Who.template.php if you have it inside the folder of the particular Theme
you are using

Version 2.3.4 - 5th March 2010
  !Fixed error reported by (here) thanks to a suggestion from
  !Fixed error reported by A.SK (here)
  ?Unistall old version and install new one
  ?No need to edit manually any template file if you are updating from version 2.x

Version 2.3.3 - 3rd March 2010
  !Fixed errors reported by (here)
  ?Unistall old version and install new one
  ?No need to edit manually any template file if you are updating from version 2.x

Version 2.3.2 - 2nd March 2010
  !Bug about human members not displaying in RC2, reported by butchs (here)
  !Bug affecting all versions of SMF about admin beeing logged every visit
  ?Unistall old version and install new one
  ?No need to edit manually any template file if you are updating from version 2.x
  ?This time everybody should update as one of the bugs affect SMF 1.1.x as well

Version 2.3.1 - 1st March 2010
  !Sorted a bug for SMF 2.0 RC2, reported by butchs (here)
  ?Unistall old version and install new one
  ?No need to edit manually any template file if you are updating from version 2.x
  ?No even need to update if you are using SMF 1.1.x
The bug was only in the SMF 2.0 RC2 part of the mod

Version 2.3 - 1st March 2010
  !The mod now never checks the admin (bug reported by Exsharaen)
  +Added a value in config page for "threat level very very high"
  +Added a captcha in "warning.php"
  • If the threat level is below the "high level" the visitor pass
  • If the threat level is between the "high level" and the "very very high level"
    the captcha appears
  • If the threat level is higher than the "very very high level" it's stopped and
    doesn't see the captcha
  +Added a cookie valid for 24h. If the visitor sees the captcha
and proves is human, gets the cookie
  +Added a value in config page for "cookie lenght"
  +Added a counter with the number of spammers stopped by the mod
  +Added a a button in the view-log page to hide or show the legend
  +Added a a button in the view-log page to change quickly from
"normal view" to "see all the extra info"
  *View-log page now separated in 3 different ones:
  • Spammers stopped
  • Humans allowed in
  • Internal errors
  +Added a column in view-log for "username" with link to member profile
  +Added some more info in "see all the extra info" mode
  *Changed all the language files
  ?Unistall old version and install new one
  ?No need to edit manually any template file if you are updating from version 2.x

Version 2.2 - 17th February 2010
  +Added cached values if cache is enabled to reduce time
  +Added more methods to find the visitor's IP
  !Sorted issue with servers not using Mysql
  ?Unistall old version and install new one
  ?No need to edit manually any template file if you are updating from version 2.x

Version 2.1 - 15th February 2010
  +Added compatibility with SMF 2.0 RC2
  +Added a color system in the view-log page to see threat
level of each IP stopped by the mod
  +Added an option to see the view-log page with only important
information or with all the extra data
  +Added some lines to the language files for the new features
  ?Unistall old version and install new one
  ?No need to edit manually any template file if you are updating from version 2.0

Version 2.0 - 11th February 2010
  -Eliminated compatibility with other programs, making it now exclusive for SMF
  +Added a powerful install script which now does everything for you with just one click
  +Added an easy-to-use configuration interface to control the mod
  -Eliminated the text file log, too difficult to find and read
  +Added a log table in the database
  +Added a view-log interface to see the information stored in it
  ?Unistall old version and install new one
  ?Need to edit manually 2 small things in index.template.php
if you are not using the default one

Version 1.0 - 17th August 2009
  oInitial release
  oCan be installed in any PHP page, not only SMF
  oCan block any spammer from viewing your site
  oIt checks IP in Project Honey Pot DB
  oIf match, the visitor is redirected to the "warning.php" page
  oKeeps a log of "IPs stopped" in a text file in your server
  oCompatible with any PHP program, so it's compatible with all SMF versions

!Bug Fixed
?How to Update


Road Map:

Things to do in the near future: (27th December 2010)

   !Sort a few bugs found in the forum.
   *I need to finish the tutorial with the instructions on
how to use it.
   +I need to write a FAQ with some things they are
already asking too many times.
*To be Changed
+To be Added
-To be Eliminated
!Bug to be Fixed

Things to do in the future whenever I have time
because they are not too urgent just now:

   +When your mod is not up-to-date, display which one is
the version you have currently installed and which one
is the updated version (requested here)
   +Add an option to decide (when you are displaying only 1 language
in warning page) if you want to display language #1 or #2