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Administration Center Security
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Security and Moderation
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August 20, 2014, 06:59:37 AM
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November 21, 2014, 02:12:49 PM
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ACP_Security.ZIP (4kB) [1905]
Manual Install Instructions for SMF

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Administration Center Security

SMF is great in its flexibility. I couldn't even imagine it without Package Manager, Theme Editor and many other goodies your Administration Center offers.

Unfortunately, if an administrator account is compromised, this automatically means that your forum is in danger as the attacker gets immediate access to your files, database, ...
Since the critical settings are not accessed often, an extra layer of security can be added by explicitly granting access to those areas when they are needed.

After installation, you will find the following line in the end of Settings.php:
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$enable_admin_security = false;In order to activate the MOD's functionality you need to edit the file and set the variable to true. A warning in your Administration Center lets you know it is active.

Should you need to access any of the blocked areas, just edit Settings.php and set the variable to false again. Perform your changes and set it back to true.

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Version 1.00 // 20-08-2014
+ First release

 ! Minor change or bugfix.
 + Feature addition or improvement.
 - Feature or option removal.