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Mod Name:
2.0.14 Login Form Fix
Created By:
Feature Enhancement
First Created:
December 19, 2017, 04:14:55 PM
Last Modified:
July 04, 2018, 01:44:47 PM
Latest Version:
Compatible With:
2.0.14, 2.0.15
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As a fix to the login form issues that have come in since 2.0.14 where things didn't get added to login forms, here's a patch that fixes it.

Works on PHP 5.3+, and should fix all themes and mods that have login forms. Works with Pretty URLs too.

Licence is 3-clause BSD as per SMF 2.0.x licence.

Version history:

1.0.1 - 4 July 2018
Fixed lazy mod packaging that caused weird things to happen with some other mods. Probably should uninstall 1.0 and install 1.0.1.

1.0 - 19 December 2017
Initial release