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Topic Visits (Unique Visitors)
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New Feature
First Created:
March 26, 2018, 07:54:32 AM
Last Modified:
June 03, 2018, 11:31:21 PM
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Compatible With:
2.0.15, 2.1 Beta 3
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Manual Install Instructions for SMF


// Randem Systems "Topic Visits" Installation Instructions ver 1.x
// SMF mod package for use with the Simple Machines Forum versions 2.x, PHP
// For more information and support.
// Author - Randem (;u=384160)
// Randem Systems Website:
// Topic Visits Support:
// Release History:

What Is Topic Visits:

   Topic Visits is a method of logging and reporting uniques visits to your topic pages.

How It Works:

   The Topic Visits Logger works by placing the board, topic, member id, IP, date and timestamp of a visitor into a table with a unique key. The number of unique topic visits for the current day will be reported by selected dates that are available in the table. There is also a Downloads stat that can be used in the same fashion. The stats will be displayed in the Statistic Center "[More Stats]" section located on the home page.


   Monitor which pages are visited the most.



Installation Instructions:

   Installs via the Package Manager that is included with the SMF software.

   Available Settings can be changed at Administration Center » Modification Settings » Miscellaneous section

   NOTE: This application does not log known 'BOTS'

   There are settings in the Administration Center » Modification Settings » Miscellaneous section of SMF that control how Topic Visits works. The settings are as follows:

   Default - Checked            Show Topic Visits Stats.
   Default - Checked            Show Topic Visits File Download Stats.
   Default - UnChecked         Delete log tables for Topic Visits on uninstall.
   Default - UnChecked         Delete settings for Topic Visits on uninstall.
   Default - 30 Days            Days to retain Topic Visit data (Older data will be deleted automatically).
   Default - Date of Install              Last date of automatic Topic Visit log pruning (yyyy-mm-dd).
   Default - UnChecked         Delete settings for Topic Visit Downloads on uninstall.
   Default - UnChecked         Delete Download log tables for Topic Visits on uninstall.