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Post as Another Member
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First Created:
March 08, 2019, 02:50:13 AM
Last Modified:
May 22, 2020, 02:43:53 PM
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Compatible With:
2.1 RC1, 2.1 RC2
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PostAsAnotherMember.tar.gz (6kB) [61]
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Post As Another Member

A modification for Simple Machines Forum version 2.1 that adds the ability for a member to post as another member. Members with permission to do this can create new posts in the name of another member, and can change the attributed author of any post they can modify.

When a post is attributed to another member using this mod, the post will truly and fully belong to that other member in every sense.


Adds a "Post as another member" permission to the board permission profiles available in Administration Center ► Permissions ► Edit Profiles. The permission can be granted to any given membergroup in any given permission profile.

The permission is always enabled for administrators.


Post As Another Member is released under the MIT License. A full copy of this license is included in the package file.


Version 1.5:

  • Added Italian translation

Version 1.4:
  • Fixes a bug where non-admins would never see the "Post As" field on the boardless posting page (i.e. "?action=post" as opposed to "?action=post;board=1"), even if they had the necessary permisson.

Version 1.3:
  • Added Dutch translation

Version 1.2:
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese translation
  • Added Russian translation

Version 1.1:
  • Added Latin Spanish translation

Version 1.0:
  • Initial release