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Thank Posts
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New Feature
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July 13, 2020, 07:50:42 AM
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October 19, 2020, 08:59:37 PM
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Below are some preview images of what the mod looks like when being used


This is a 'Thank Posts' clone of the Like Posts mod with the added option to display total thanks received in the memberlist.

Note:  The initial developer of the original code is Joker.

This mod provides an interface to thank/unthank posts.

- Users can thank posts within a topic.
- Whereas on message index only the first post of topic is taken into consideration.  One can thank first post of topic from message index also.
- A notification system, where users can see who has thanked what post in real time.
- Total no of thanks user has received so far is shown in post displays.
- In profile section one can see the thanks given and received by a user so far.
- A complete dedicated admin interface, to control various features of mods.
- Interface to see various stats related with the mod.  The section can be accessed using the 'Thank stats' button provided in the website navgation.
- Option to display total thanks received in memberlist.

Admin interface

General Settings
- Enable disable the mod with a single click.
- Enable disable thank stats completely.
- Enable disable thank posts notification for everyone.
- Number of thanks to show at once in user profiles.
- Number of thanks to show at once in notification panel.
- Whether to show thank button on message index or not.
- Show total thanks in posts under user avatar.
- Show total thanks in memberlist.

Permission Settings
- Enable the permission "Can thank posts" for those groups who can thank the posts.
- Enable the permission "Can view thank" for those groups who can view who thanked which post.
- Enable the permission "Can view thanks of other users in their profiles" for those groups who can view thank summary of other users in there profiles.
- Enable the permission "Can view stats of thanked posts" for those groups who can view thank posts stats.
- Enable the permission "Can view notifications of thanked posts" for those groups who can view thank posts notifications.
- Enable the permissions for guests about where they can see thanks (i.e., in posts/topics, boards, profiles & whether or not they can see the thanked posts stats).

Board Settings
- Select on which boards you want to enable the mod.
- If you want to select all boards in a category, just click on the category name.

Recount Thank Stats
- To remove the deleted messages from thanks count and stats
- Removes duplicate entries from thank table
- To recount the total thanks user has received so far.  One should run this once a month at least.

All suggestions related to core features and UI are most welcomed.

All images/css used in the mod falls under the license used below

 * This SMF Modification is subject to the Mozilla Public License Version
 * 1.1 (the "License"); you may not use this SMF modification except in compliance with
 * the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at