Recent Themes
Saf-Multicolor is a lively yet peaceful theme that comes shipped with a lot of color variations.
26,006 0 1.1
The Alak is a red and white theme for SMF 1.1.3 which uses table-less layout and semantical markup.
16,170 0 1.1
bloggy! is a theme which transforms your good old SMF into a fully-featured blogging application.
7,662 0 1.1
The narenciye theme is a semantical and css based, table-free theme.
6,241 0 1.1
NMTD is a fixed-width theme designed for SMF 1.1 that has semantic markup and improved accessibility
5,743 0 1.1
EoSmf is fixed width theme which is based on the Eos theme originally created by Cyberalien.
2,967 0 1.1
Recent Mods
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