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March 19, 2008, 09:36:04 PM
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Anti Bot: Captcha Clock v2.2

Rather than getting registrants filling in letters, have them tell the time on a clock.
Compatible With 1.1.8, 1.1.9, 1.1.10, 2.0 Beta 3 Public, 2.0 Beta 3.1 Public, 2.0 RC1, 2.0 RC1-1, 2.0 RC1.2
Latest version v2.2
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Anti Bot: Captcha Clock v2.2

Compatible With:SMF 1.1.X - SMF 2 Beta & RC1
Created By:Karl Benson
Developed By:.LORD.
A new and unique Anti-Bot Registration Check. Rather than getting registrants filling in letters, have them tell the time on a clock.

Quote from: Karl BensonIt is a cat and mouse game between forum software and bot-creators to secure forums against spam bots.
Using generic/centralised anti-spam measures makes it viable for bot-creators to try to get past them.
If every forum employs completely different anti-bot measures it makes it almost impossible to create bots for mass-automated registration.

Some people think that this MOD is "ugly".
I have tried to make it more agreeable for humans without decreasing the difficulty for bots.
I deleted effects little or not detrimental for bot, and unpleasant for people.
And I added other effects more annoying to bots and less for humans.

Version 2.0: Work for SMF 1.1.X and SMF 2 Beta & RC1 and many more (See ChangeLog)

Code (CHANGELOG) Select
2.2 - 23th May 2009
   o Now the page in cache is ignored and alwys is reloaded.
     It is useful against "Send Form" and "Go Back".
   o Have been added an error message that notified that the page has expired
   o Some images have been improved
2.1 - 11th May 2009
   o Add change to improve the security - tranks szcoder for notify
2.0 - 2nd May 2009
   o .LORD. Take the development
   o Work for SMF 1.1.X and SMF 2 Beta & RC1
   o You can enable and disable this MOD in: Members > Registration > Settings
   o Also You can Configurate this MOD
   o Fix bug drawing the hour hand (your users couldn't register)
   o Changed and improve some code
   o The ABClock.php have been remade
   o Changed the drawing clocks's (clocks more cute for humans and effectives with bots)
      - The dots (noise) have been eliminated.
      - The effects colorized have been eliminated.
      - The effects have been disable. (FILTER_GRAYSCALE and FILTER_MEAN_REMOVAL eliminated).
      + The radial lines (noise) have been added.
      + The reloj rotate in a range angles.
      + A new reloj have been added, and new images added.
      + Effect cristal. Cute for humans, noise for bots (can be improved)
1.0 - 20th March 2008
   o Initial release
   o Creates a clock from several different face and hands sets
   o Utilizes new gd functions in PHP5 to colorize and style the clock
   o Generates a different clock and time each time.

REQUIRED: A manual edit is REQUIRED for ALL themes (other than SMF Core Default) which have a custom Register.template.php
If you don't do perform the edit, nobody will be able to register using those themes.

REQUIRES Minimium:
- PHP >= 4.3.2 & GD Library 2.0.34 (or newer)
- Do NOT install the mod if your server does not meet the minimum requirements.
- To check what GD Library your server has goto Admin > Support & Credits
- If you get an all black image or it doesn't appear correctly, you might have a dodgy version of the library.
Please do NOT ask me how to install GD library or upgrade it.  I don't know.
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