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Site Integration Mod v2.0.1 GitHub

Helps webmasters to integrate their websites with SMF.
Compatible With 2.0.19
Latest version v2.0.1
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Site Integration Mod

MIT license Latest Version Support

Package name SMF version Minimmum PHP version
Site Integration Mod 2.0.1 SMF 2.0.x PHP 7.0
Site Integration Mod 1.4.1 SMF 1.1.x, 2.0.x PHP 4.3 – PHP 5.4

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The Mod works by looking in a series of specific folders (defined by the admin) for .php files to include as actions, each included file will then be accessable within SMF from index.php?action=(filename without trailing .php).

  • Create custom pages for your forum that may be accessed via direct link (
  • Select membergroups that can access the actions
  • Choose an action to use as a landing page instead of the board index
  • Choose an action for errors (invalid or missing actions) instead of the board index
    • Does not change the standard error for missing or hidden topics
  • Elect whether or not to show the action's name in Who's Online

This mod was borne of a desire for an easier way to integrate small php scripts and HTML pages into SMF without using the normal SSI.php functions.

Features Explained:

Settings are found in the admin panel: Administration Center » Configuration » Modifications » Site Integration (or index.php?action=admin;area=modsettings;sa=siteintegration).

  • Forum Default/Home Action: This allows you to change the home page of your forums. Please note that your Board Index will still be accessible (index.php?action=forum). If you leave the setting blank then your normal Board Index will be your home page/action.

  • Invalid Action Error Action: This allows you to show a specific action every time an invalid action is passed by the user. If you don't set this then it will just show the home/default page.

  • Site-Wide Language Integration Files: (only important if you are using more than one language) Comma-seperated list of directories to search for language files in the form of (current action).(current language).php. These files will then be included before your included file/action, so that you can use a language system similar to the SMF language system where you define the same text variable ($txt['welcome'] = 'Welcome to my Website!';) in multiple language files and then access it later (eg echo $txt['welcome'];).

Further explanation of a setting's functionality can be found by clicking on the [?] help button.

Important Information

This Mod should work for all installed themes. However, if you wish to customize the default layout, you can edit the template_SiteIntegration() function in the SiteIntegration.template.php template file. Hint: copy this file to another theme to have a unique layout for that theme.

You have to set the permissions for all the includes actions/files that you want normal users or guests to see, by default every included action/file can only be seen by the admin of your website.

You can access any of the global variables from SMF, just like a mod. An example of declaring globals (this is easily forgotten):

global $var;

Or for multiples:

global $var1, $var2, $var3, ..., $varN;

You can use any of the functions which are defined by SMF from within the PHP code on your pages. Remember to include the files first! (Refer to the Function Database)

The index pages from your folders will never be turned into actions. I would suggest that you copy an index.php page from one of the other SMF folders to protect your folders, so that people can't see a list of your files.

Finally note that you should always include the code below in all of your '.php ' files, so that if users try to view those files they will be redirected to the file's smf action. You only need to change the value of $smfurl to the web address of your SMF's index.php for it to work, ie. (

$smfurl = '{web adress of your SMFs index.php}';
if (!defined('SMF'))
	header('Location: ' . $smfurl . '?action=' . strtok(basename($_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME']), '.');


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Create a simple action

  1. Create directory file_includes in SMF root ($boarddir)
  2. Create file in said directory demo.php
  3. Save the following code to it
    echo 'Hello world';
  4. Navigate browser to Administration Center » Configuration » Modifications » Site Integration
    1. Click "Manage" for settings specific to the demo action
      • "File/Action Include Folders" MUST include file_includes or no files will be found
    2. Enter the name and choose the group permisisons, click "Save"
    3. Click "demo" in the management table to view the action
      • The address bar should show

Adding menu buttons for your actions

Download Ultimate Menu for your menu building needs
22.93 KB v1.41 1.1.21, 2.1 RC4
11.32 KB 2.0.18
11.31 KB v2.0.1 2.0.19
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