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July 02, 2008, 02:27:52 PM
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QQ And Multiple Tags v1.1.5

QQ and Multiple Tags
Compatible With 1.1.5
Latest version v1.1.5
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QQ And Multiple Tags

By: Xiaoqing Zhou
Contact Info: [email protected]

This mod combines the following mods written by Ho Yiu Yeung (Sheepy) and Xiaoqing Zhou.

Language supported: English, Chinese Simplified

1. Enhanced Move Tag 1.0

This mod adds colour BBC, which is same as color.  For us who use British Englsih. No button.  Editor will still use 'color' tag.

2. Enhanced Move Tag 1.0

This mod add optoinal parameters to the move BBC Tag.  It is possible to control behaviour, direction, and speed. Button included.

3. Fly Tag 1.0

This mod adds fly BBC.  It's like move, but bounce enclosed text instead. Button included.

4. Invisible Tag 1.1

This mod adds invis BBC Tag.  Enclosed text cannot be seen unless copied, quoted (in editor), or view source.
Administrators and global moderators can see it as semi-transparent.
Select won't reveal content.  Leaves no empty space at all.

Useful for inserting copyright notice in blank line, as people won't see it until it is pasted.

No JavaScript, Invisible over background image, No CSS hack, Cross browser, Show in MS Word, No database query.

Button included.

To show/hide tag icon, goto Admin -> Posts and Topics -> Bulletin Board Code

5. Karma On Memberlist 1.0

This mod shows karma on member list if karma is enabled.

6. Member list by registration 1.0

This mod changes the default sort field of member list to registration date.

7. QQ Instant Messenger 1.1

This mod adds support for QQ instant messenger, the most popular instant messenger in China.

QQ icon will be displayed on poster info, pm sender info, member profile, and member list.

Note: This mod is created because I plan to upgrade our forum and find that some of the mods are not compatible with each other.  There is no functional change in this mod. I only make all of them to work at the same time.

Tested on smf 1.1.5
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