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September 03, 2008, 06:00:40 PM
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May 23, 2009, 03:58:48 AM

IP View Permission v1.4

This mod gives you IP viewing permission seperate from original one. This is safer than original.
Compatible With 1.1.5, 1.1.6, 1.1.7, 1.1.9
Latest version v1.4
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  • This mod gives you (seperated) safer version of Moderate forum members permission. In default installation, you can grant IP viewing option by Moderate forum members permission. But it comes with extra rights and assigned membergroup will also have powerful options. Use this mod and give only IP viewing option.
  • You will have original and limited version same time, so its no problem if you are using original one.
  • If you want to hide some of members IPs (administrators...), you can mask them. Nobody (except members granted by original permission) can see masked members IPs.
  • Compare permission lists shown as below.

Moderate forum members (Original permission):

  • access to registration management
  • access to the view/delete members screen
  • extensive profile info, including track IP/user and (hidden) online status
  • activate accounts
  • get approval notifications and approve accounts
  • immune to ignore PM
  • several small things

Moderate (Limited) forum members (New permission):

  • extensive profile info, including track IP/user and (hidden) online status
  • show hidden mail addresses

Version Info:

  • Its only working with smf 1.1.x versions.

How To Use:

  • After you installed this mod you will have permission named Moderate (Limited) forum members under
    "Admin (Top menu) -> Permissions (Lef handed menu) -> Moderator (example) -> Member administration (main group)".
  • Assign this permission on membergroups (Global Moderator, Moderator) those who will view IP.
  • Use "Don't show IP's of these user(s)" to mask special users informations. To do this;
    "Admin (Top menu) -> Permissions (Lef handed menu) -> Settings (Upper menu)".

How To Install:

  • Download mod file ( and place it in packages folder and then begin the setup process within admin panel.
  • This mod changing lots of file (19). It will painful to change file permissions manually.
  • If you are using custom theme, you should manually edit your "Display.template.php", "ManagePermissions.template.php", "MessageIndex.template.php". Ignore if you dont have these files in custom theme. But if you have one of them, use Manual Install Instructions for SMF listbox in the mod download page to manual edit.
  • If everything went ok, you have new mod working.

How To Upgrade:

  • Simply uninstall previous version of this mod and install new one.
    No membergroup record would be deleted, new version will take same settings as you set.
  • If you made changing on custom theme, you should reflect new changings also.
    Delete old changings and add changings from new mod. Use Manual Install Instructions for SMF listbox in the mod download page to manual edit.


  • This mod simply creates moderate_forum2 permission based from moderate_forum and changes allowedTo('moderate_forum') into (allowedTo('moderate_forum') || allowedTo('moderate_forum2')) in proper conditions.

Version History:

  • v1.4 (11-11-2008)

    • Bug fixed (Error when member masking is empty).
  • v1.3 (10-10-2008)

    • New feature added (member masking).
  • v1.2 (25-9-2008)

    • Bugs fixed in news.php (miscoded).
  • v1.1 (5-9-2008)

    • Bugs fixed.
    • Some little arrangements.
  • v1.0 (3-9-2008)

    • Initial release.
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