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December 06, 2008, 12:06:41 AM
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Stop Spammer v2.4.0

With this MOD you can Stop the Registration and Search for Spammers in your Forum and reduce Spam
Compatible With 1.1.11, 1.1.12, 1.1.13, 1.1.14, 1.1.21, 2.0, 2.0.18
Latest version v2.4.0
Downloads 34,779
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MOD Stop Spammer v2.4.0

  • Authors:

SMF 2.0.15 - 2.0.18

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This MOD works better when used
together with MOD httpBL

  • (Before you ask for a new feature or report a bug
    check if it's already in the cue waiting to be done)

  • With this MOD you can Block the Registry of Spammers in your Forum.

  • When registering a user, it will compare their data (nickname, IP and mail) with the
    "Stop Forum Spam" DB. If it match any data, then the user is leaved inactive 'Waiting for Approval'.
    Admin > Members > Awaiting Approval

  • You can leave the 'Inmediate Registration' enabled for all users (so you don't disturb them),
    but if a Spammer is detected it will apply 'Register Approval' automatically.

  • Also you can check all data of many members (already registred) automatically with
    a simple click, selecting them in the list...
    Admin > Members > View All Members

  • And report new Spammers and increase the DB, with a simple click.

  • It keeps a record of the number of all Spammers Blocked to date,
    you can enable and disable this MOD and more

Thanks to 'Stop Forum Spam' for your DB and APIs.

Thanks to WhatsTheRent and KahneFan for idea.

QuoteLanguages (normal & utf-8)
Translation completed:
  • English
  • English_british
  • Spanish_es
  • Spanish_latin

Missing 7 lines:
Missing 9 lines:
  • Included in MOD package
  • Included in language_full.zip and translation complete
  • Included in language_full.zip but translation incomplete

$txt['stopspammer_error'] = 'Error with Anti SPAM DB. Connection Failed.<br />
Please try again later, or Contact with the WebMaster';
$txt['stopspammer_count'] = 'Spammers blocked up until today';
$txt['stopspammer_title'] = 'Search more info in `Stop Forum Spam`';

$txt['stopspammer_enable'] = 'Enable/Disable MOD Stop Spammer';
$txt['stopspammer_show01'] = 'Show Link "More Info" for All Members';
$txt['stopspammer_show01_sub'] = 'You can check any member at any time with one simple click';

$txt['stopspammer_faildb'] = 'If the Connection Fail with Anti SPAM DB...';
$txt['stopspammer_fail01'] = 'Show Error and Stop Registration';
$txt['stopspammer_fail02'] = 'Allow Immediate Registration';
$txt['stopspammer_fail03'] = 'Member Approval and show yellow icon to check later';
$txt['stopspammer_faildb1_sub'] = 'Your host can make remote connection with the DB';
$txt['stopspammer_faildb2_sub'] = 'Your host couldn\'t make connection with the DB. Try again later.<br />
If this error continues see Support Topic and search ';
$txt['stopspammer_not_translate'] = '<a href="http://www.simplemachines.org/community/index.php?topic=283309.msg1920848#post_issues"><span class="error"><b>Known Issues</b></span></a>';

$txt['stopspammer_leyd01'] = 'Not Spammer: This data wasn\'t in a DB. But you can check';
$txt['stopspammer_leyd02'] = 'Suspect: This member couldn\'t be checked. Check now';
$txt['stopspammer_leyd03'] = 'Spammer: See more info of activity of this spammer';

$txt['stopspammer_profilecheck'] = 'Check this member';
$txt['stopspammer_limitexceded'] = 'You have exceded the check limit (5000 API queries per day).<br />
You should wait until tomorrow to check again.';

$txt['in_stop_forum_spam'] = 'In Stop Forum Spam Web:';

// Changed from 2.3.9 to 2.4.0
$txt['spammers_checks'] = 'Check Selected Members';
$txt['spammers_report'] = 'Report Selected Members';

$txt['confirm_spammers_checks'] = 'Are you sure you want to check the selected members?';
$txt['confirm_spammers_report'] = 'Are you sure you want to report the selected members?\n\n
Think that when you report a member to SFS they are marked as spammer all over the world\n
and they won\\\'t be able to use any of the forums connected to SFS around the world.\n\n
Do it only if you are completely sure they are spammers and if by any chance you make a mistake\n
tell as soon as possible the mod\\\'s creator to correct the mistake inside the SFS database.';

$txt['stopspammer_api_key'] = 'Your API key';

$txt['stopspammer_check_name'] = 'Check their username';
$txt['stopspammer_check_mail'] = 'Check their email';
$txt['stopspammer_check_ip'] = 'Check their IP';
$txt['stopspammer_check_sub2'] = 'By default, every time you check a member with MOD Stop Spammer
it will check their username, email and IP. If you are getting too many false positives because of
their usernames you can turn that option off. We wouldn\'t recomend you to turn off the another 2
options (to check their email and IP) unless you know what you are doing.';

// Changed from 2.3.8 to 2.3.9
$txt['stopspammer_check_sub1'] = 'If MOD Stop Spammer is enabled, every time we check a member:';
$txt['stopspammer_api_key_sub'] = 'If you want to use your own API key you must go first to
<a href="http://www.stopforumspam.com/signup" target="_blank">www.stopforumspam.com</a> to sign up
for one and write it here. If you haven\'t got one you cannot report spammers with this mod.<br /><br />
If you need help with this configuration or with anything else about Mod Stop Spammer, apart from
the support forums, you can also ask for online help. If you have already installed Mod httpBL you
can see how to ask for online help going to Admin => MOD httpBL => Help. If you haven\'t got it you can
<a href="http://www.snoopyvirtualstudio.com/contact.php?language=english" target="_blank">see more info here</a>.';

// New in version 2.3.9
$txt['stopspammer_settings'] = 'MOD Stop Spammer settings';
$txt['stopspammer_enable_sub'] = 'With this check-box checked the mod is ON. With the check-box
unchecked the mod is OFF.';
$txt['stopspammer_error_no_api_key'] = 'You cannot report a spammer without an API key from www.stopforumspam.com
<br /><br />You need to register on their site first, ask them for an API key and then navigate inside your forum to:
<br />Admin => Members => Registration => Settings<br />Scroll down to Stop Spammer settings,
write your API key there and save your settings.';
$txt['stopspammer_no_connect_1'] = 'Mod Stop Spammer is ON but there is no connection just now with Stop Forum Spam.
Please try later.';
$txt['stopspammer_no_connect_2'] = 'If the problem persists ask for help in the
<a href="http://www.snoopyvirtualstudio.com/foro/index.php?board=31.0" target="_blank">official support forum</a>.';
$txt['stopspammer_new_version_1'] = 'Mod Stop Spammer is ON but it is not up-to-date.';
$txt['stopspammer_new_version_2'] = 'There is a new version of this mod. The version you have is: ';
$txt['stopspammer_new_version_3'] = '<a href="http://www.snoopyvirtualstudio.com/foro/index.php?board=31.0" target="_blank">
Please update it here whenever you can</a> to the new version: ';
$txt['stopspammer_all_ok'] = 'Mod Stop Spammer is ON, it is up-to-date and the connection with Stop Forum Spam is perfect.';
$txt['stopspammer_is_off'] = 'Mod Stop Spammer is OFF.';

Anybody doing new translations or finishing incomplete ones is welcomed here



  • Con este MOD tu puedes Bloquear el Registro de los Spammer en tu Foro

  • Al registrarse un Usuario se comparan sus datos (nick, IP y mail) con la DB de la web
    'Stop Forum Spam' y si coincide algún dato, el usuario quedará inactivo 'Esperando Aprobación'.

  • Tu puedes tener el 'Registro Inmediato' activado para todos los usuarios (y no causarles
    molestias), pero a los Spammer que se detecten se les aplicará 'Aprobación del Registro'.

  • También puedes revisar todos los datos de muchos miembros (que ya están registrados)
    automáticamente con un simple click, seleccionándolos en la lista.

  • Y también puedes reportar nuevos Spammers y aumentar la DB, con un simple click.

  • También, lleva un registro numérico de todos los Spammer bloqueados hasta la fecha,
    activar y desactivar el MOD y Más



Change Log:

QuoteVersion 2.4.0 - 5th February 2021

  !Fixed error message "Undefined index: stopspammer_faildb_sub"
  +Changes to make the installation work for version 2.0.18
  +Changes to make the mod work with php 7.x
  !The "Check this member" link was visible to everyone in their own profile. Now it is only visible for moderators
  +Added css class to the buttons
  *Changed text string "Check these members" to "Check Selected Members"
  *Changed text string "Report these members" to "Report Selected Members"

Version 2.3.9 - 9th January 2011

  *Changes in the API key. From this version the API key is ONLY needed
to report spammers, NOT to check them
  !Fixed the bug about once a member is marked "yellow" always stay yellow,
reported by tm82 here with the solution proposed by himself
  +Added the buttons to "Check" and "Report" members also to the pages
"Waiting for approval" and "Waiting for activation"
  +Added a system to check if the mod is ON, if it is up-to-date and if the
connexion with Stop Forum Spam's DB is OK
  *Changed 2 lines and added 10 new lines in language files
  ?Uninstall old version and install new one
  ?No need to edit manually any template file unless you are not using
the default Theme and you have the files Register.template.php or
ManageMembers.template.php inside the folder of the particular
Theme you are using

Version 2.3.8 - 23th December 2010

  *Changes in the Code to make the mod compatible with 2.0 RC4
(thanks to busterone here)
  !Fixed the bug about "Undefined index: types"
(thanks to gizmo71 here)
  -Eliminated completely the default API key as requested by
Stop Forum Spam's admin (see here)
  ?Unistall & Update. It's not necessary to re-edit the template files
unless you have in your template folder the file
ManageMembers.template.php or Register.template.php

Version 2.3.7 - 7th February 2010

  *Changes in the Code to make the mod compatible with 1.1.11 and 2.0 RC2
  *Some minor changes in english language files
  +You can use now your own API key if you want
  +You can now decide if the mod will check or not the username, email and IP
  +7 new strings in language files
  !Fixed the yellow bug
  !Fixed issue with utf-8 spanish language files
  !Fixed some minor bugs
  ?Unistall & Update. It's not necessary to re-edit the template files
unless you have in your template folder the file
ManageMembers.template.php or Register.template.php

Version 2.3 - 27th September 2009

  *Changes in the Code
  *Regex repaired (the API XML SFS's was changed)
  *If the member is approved is showed in blue
  +You can go to check & report a member via his profile
  +If the API limit query is exceded, you will be notified
  ?Unistall & Update. It's not necessary to re-edit the template files

Version 2.2 - 13th February 2009

  !Fix issue in Registration from ACP
  ?Unistall & Update. It's not necessary to re-edit the template files

Version 2.1 - 08th February 2009

  !Fixed typo bug in the function checkreportMembers
  ?Unistall & Update. It's not necessary to re-edit the template files

Version 2.0 - 08th February 2009

  +You can enable and disable this MOD with a click
  +The MOD automatically test your host for conection remote
  +You can choose the action if the connection fails
  +Your user will have three states (blue, yellow & red)
  +You can check any data in SFS Web, with a click
  +You can check all data of many members with a click
  +You can report many members with a simple click
  !Fixed issue with membername and error in conection
  ?Unistall & Update. It's not necessary to re-edit the template files

Version 1.0 - 31th December 2008

  oInitial release
  oCan Block the Registry of Spammer in your Forum
  oWill be checked their data (nickname, IP and mail) in SFS DB
  oIf match any data, the user is inactive Waiting for Approval
  oYou can set enabled the Inmediate Registration with this MOD
  oAlso, it keeps a record number of all Spammers Blocked
  oCompatible with SMF 1.1.X & SMF 2b-RC


!Bug Fixed
?How to Update


Road Map:

QuoteThings to do in the near future: (9th January 2010)

   *Update the pictures in the mod page.
   +Add spammers data to the cache.
   !Try to sort the "false positive" problem mixing
the suspicious list solution (see reply #580 here)
with SiL's solution. (see reply #324 here)
and Robert A. Rosenberg's solution. (see reply #584 here).
If I can mix all that with the solution we already have.
   !Sort the bug about the members count reported also many times.
The main page is still telling you there are members waiting for approval
even after you have approved or deleted all of them.
   !Sort the bug with the "Undefined index: stopspammer_profilecheck"
(reported by Vincent Volmer here).
   *Modify the FAQ written by M-DVD 2 years ago.
Delete obsolete ones and add new ones.
   *Find a way to complete the incomplete translations.

*Feature to be Changed
+Feature to be Added
-Feature to be Eliminated
!Bug to be Fixed

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