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December 21, 2008, 06:15:25 PM
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May 21, 2009, 06:22:07 PM

cURL fetch_web_data v1.1.1

Make the fetch_web_data() use cURL instead
Compatible With 1.1.7, 1.1.8, 1.1.9, 2.0 Beta 4, 2.0 RC1, 2.0 RC1-1
Latest version v1.1.1
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The function in Subs-Package.php fetch_web_data uses fsockopen() in order to obtain the data from the page specified. However not all hosts (usually free hosts) allow the usage of the fsockopen() function. 

So I have fixed that. This modification will allow the fetch_web_data(); function to use cURL to obtain the data instead. 

Of course not all hosts support cURL, but most hosts with PHP5 do have cURL installed. But don't worry, if your host doesn't support cURL but does fsockopen it will use fsockopen instead, but if thats the case you don't really need this mod.

NOTE: If you have no troubles downloading packages from external servers or getting SMF news data and such you don't need this mod as this is really a fix for servers that support cURL but have problems downloading packages and such.


  • 1.1.1 - Added support for SMF 2.0 RC1-1 (Not much changed)
  • 1.1 - Added support for SMF 2.0 RC1
  • 1.0 - Initially added
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