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January 04, 2009, 10:25:53 PM
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April 11, 2009, 02:08:23 PM

Contributions in Boards v1.3

With this MOD you can select Boards where the Topics will be contributions
Compatible With 1.1.7, 1.1.8, 2.0 Beta 4, 2.0 RC1
Latest version v1.3
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MOD Contributions in Boards v1.3

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04th January 2009
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  • Compatible With:
SMF 1.1.1 - 1.1.8
SMF 2 Beta 3 & 4 / RC1

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  • You can select Boards where the Topics will be contributions.
    Admin > Boards > Modify Boards

  • You can see contributions of person in his profile.

  • You can enable minilist of contributions in signature.
    Admin > Posts and Topics > Contributions Settings

  • Also, set the numbers topics in minilist of contributions

  • And enable/disable minilist for Topic Starters or All posters

Important: You should do a hard refresh (deleted temporary files or press Ctrl + F5) after installing.


Languages (normal & utf-8)

$txt['mod_show_member_contributions'] = 'contributions of this person';
$txt['showPosts;contributions'] = 'Show Contributions';
$txt['showContributions'] = 'Contributions';
$txt['my_contributions'] = 'My Contributions';
$txt['latest_contributions'] = 'Latest contributions of:';
$txt['show_member_contributions'] = 'View Member Contributions';
$txt['member_contributionscount'] = 'Contributions';

$txt['mboards_contributionsEnable'] = 'Enable Contributions';
$txt['mboards_contributionsEnable_desc'] = 'The Topics in this Board will be Contributions';

$txt['manageposts_contributions_settings'] = 'Contributions Settings';
$txt['manageposts_contributions_settings_description'] = 'Here you can set all settings involving contributions.';

$txt['contributionsinTopic']= 'Minilist Contributions for Topic Starter';
$txt['contributionsinTopic_sub']= 'Show list in the signature for topic starter';
$txt['contributionsinPost']= 'Minilist Contributions for All Posters';
$txt['contributionsinPost_sub']= 'Show list in the signature for all posters';
$txt['contributionsinBoard']= 'Show Minilist in Contributions Boards';
$txt['contributionsinBoard_sub']= 'Otherwise show minilist in ALL the Boards';
$txt['contributionsinList']= 'Number of Contributions in Minilist';
$txt['contributionsinList_sub']= 'Topics to show on minilist Contributions';
$txt['contributionsinRand']= 'Show Contributions in order random';
$txt['contributionsinRand_sub']= 'Otherwise always show the latest contributions';
$txt['contributionsonCount']= 'Show Count Contributions';
$txt['contributionsonCount_sub']= 'Show count contributions in message display';

I welcome new translations here



  • Tu puedes elegir que en que foros los Temas valdrán como Aportes.
    Administración > Foros > Modificar Foros

  • Puedes ver los Aportes de las personas desde su perfil.

  • Puedes activar una minilista de aportes en la firma
    Administración > Mensajes y Temas > Configuración de Aportes

  • También puedes elegir el número de temas de esta minilista

  • Y activar/desactivar minilistas para el Creador del Tema o para todos.

Gracias, a ~BeneKiD por la idea, ayuda y testear.

Importante: Luego de instalar debes borrar los archivos temporales o hacer un Hard Refresh (Ctrl+F5).

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