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January 19, 2009, 04:09:10 PM
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January 11, 2014, 11:26:46 AM

Google Talk (GTalk) Profile Field v1.1

Adds a Google Talk (GTalk) field to profiles.
Compatible With 2.0 Beta 4, 2.0 RC1
Latest version v1.1
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Google Talk (GTalk) Profile Field
by X3mE, version 1.1


This modification will add the GTalk field to your profile, and make SMF treat it the same way as all the other messaging fields, thus showing it wherever it shows some of them.

This is for 2.x versions of SMF only. There will be no version for 1.1.x, as there are a few similar already.


Live Demo:


* Version 1.1 (05. 02. 2009.)
- Updated for SMF 2.0 RC1
- Swedish translation added (thanks Nas)

* Version 1.0 (19. 01. 2009.)
- Initial version for SMF 2.0 Beta 4

Installation & Notes

Just upload and install the modification. No pre-requisites needed.

If you wish to disable it or show in on the registration page, you can do so from the Admin panel: Admin - Features and Options - Profile Fields

Please post all your support questions and comments in the support thread. You can also use the Issue Tracker on the Demo Website.


Languages included:
- English (english, english-utf8)
- Serbian (serbian, serbian-utf8, serbian-utf8-lat)
- Swedish (swedish, swedish-utf8)

To translate it to your own language, add the translation for:

$txt['gtalk'] = 'Google Talk';
$txt['your_gtalk'] = 'This is your GTalk address.';

in the appropriate Modifications.language.php file. You are welcome to post your translations in the support topic.


If you like this mod, please donate to support its further development. Any amount would be highly appreciated. Thank you.

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