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SMF Quiz v1.1.0

Quiz modification for SMF 2
Compatible With 2.0.2
Latest version v1.1.0
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SMF Quiz
By smfmodding

Many thanks to davejo and CircleDock for the help in the development of this release!
Current Version: 1.1.0

Supported SMF Version(s):

A Quiz system for SMF which includes:

  • Multiple quizzes
  • Multiple quiz leagues
  • Multiple categories, category tree
  • Quiz statistics
  • Administration
  • User quiz creation options
  • User details
  • Much, much more

Video tutorial:

Quiz packs:

Available Languages:

  • English
  • If you wish to translate to other languages, please get in touch

Installs on:

  • Default theme
  • PHP 5 required

Change Log:

21st Apr 2012 - Release 1.1.0

  • ! Hopefully fixed localization problems, now it should work with any language
  • - Removed import/export from/to central server
  • + Added import from local files
  • + Quiz export includes images in the xml file
  • ! Moved all the direct calls to Sources files to actions
  • ! Rewrote part of the admin panel using SMF's style
  • ! Added rounded corners to left sides of titles

21st Dec 2010 - Release 1.0.8 beta 4

  • Version for SMF2 RC4

14th May 2009 - Release 1.0.7

  • PMs can now be automatically sent on league updates
  • You can now import quizes that have question images
  • You can now upload quizes that have question images
  • Preview PM added in settings
  • Added ability to have old top score member name in PM template
  • Multiple choice answers can now be added/removed when editing quizes
  • Added functionality to modify quiz leagues
  • New quiz leagues now show on quiz homepage
  • Quiz leagues listing page design updated
  • You can now assign categories to quiz leagues, therefore providing the ability to create quiz leagues for specific topics
  • Made some changes for better UTF-8 compatibility
  • Fixed a couple of minor bugs

30 Apr 2009 - Release 1.0.6

  • You can now view all quizes that you have played
  • Quiz popup redesigned
  • Quiz importer rewritten
  • Quiz uploader rewritten - you can now upload directly to SMF Modding site from within the mod
  • Quiz listing page redesigned a little and you can now preview a quiz that is waiting for review directly from this quiz list page
  • Switched from MooTools to JQuery
  • Quiz disputes feature added - this allows people to report inaccuracies in quizes
  • Quiz Support section replaced with Quiz Administration Center
  • In user quizes you can now select an image for the quiz in a dropdown
  • "For review" status now added to quiz listing in admin
  • Updated how the quiz deals with session continuations. Instead of adding a timeout and question played every time a user continues with a quiz, it now checks to see when the session was last played and will not allow them to continue unless a certain time period has elapsed.
  • Added total_resumes to quiz sessions and quiz results so you can track how many times a quiz was resumed (window closed and opened again). This can help with diagnosing potential cheats or those attempting to cheat
  • Quiz preview available in user quizes section. You can now see a quick summary of the quizes you have created
  • Updating quiz no longer makes it new
  • Changed the answer_text field in the answers table to text
  • You can now turn off user ratings
  • InfoBoard layout changed and number of items to show if now configurable from quiz admin
  • You can now edit the welcome message
  • Changed how user member information was being displayed in user details page
  • Updated quiz popup layout to fix issue with IE
  • Updated the quiz listing for easiest, hardest, most popular and newest to include appropriate columns
  • You can now view unplayed quizes by other members
  • Added some database indexes to improve performance
  • Updated database functions to use htmlspecialchars instead of htmlentities and to use utf-8

17 Apr 2009 - Release 1.0.5

  • Results section added to the Quiz Admin
  • Help added to settings section
  • PM settings added so you can enable/disable top score broken PMs and modify the message that is sent
  • Unplayed quiz listing available from User Details section so you can see all the quizes that you have not played

16 Apr 2009 - Release 1.0.4

  • A number of bug fixes
  • Quiz Importer updates

13 Feb 2009 - Release 1.0.3

  • Database functions rewritten for SMF 2
  • Database tables/columns renamed
  • Huge amount of code change
  • Installation package rewritten
  • Quiz League section added
  • Permissions for the quiz added

23rd Jan 2009 - Release Candidate 1.0.2

  • Some bug fixes
  • New maintenance section in admin

18th Dec 2008 - Beta 1.0.1

  • Some bug fixes
  • Added extended who details
  • Quiz masters calculations updated
  • Additional images
  • Added creator to quiz listig in admin
  • Quiz import/export functionality in admin

14th Dec 2008 - Alpha 1.0.0

  • Initial release created for testing and feedback
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