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July 02, 2005, 07:28:20 AM
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Post from Email v1.03 (Beta)

Compatible With 1.1
Latest version v1.03 (Beta)
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This modification is designed to allow users of your forum to reply to notifications through email and have them appear directly onto the forum. This modification will keep track of every email sent out to ensure that users can post securely without risk of spoofing other peoples accounts and the like.

The modification will also add an option to "Feature Settings and Options" which will allow you to specify an email address which should be used for sending out notifications - this may be useful if you want to have an account seperate to the standard webmaster email.

After installing this mod you will need to configure your server to "pipe" email replies from notifications to this script. In cPanel go into Email -> Forwarding and then make the forum's email address forward to "|/home/path/to/SMF/emailpost.php" without quotes. Where the path is the path to the script (Note that path - not the URL!) If you are not using cPanel you'll need to set this up manually.

If you have PHP installed in a path other than /usr/bin/php you will need to change the top line of emailpost.php to point to the correct path. Please note that you *may* also need to chmod the script "emailpost.php" to ensure it is executable.

Finally, this script includes protection to stop people from spamming your forum using email - this works by limiting the number of replies to a notification to one - so users cannot reply to the same notification more than once. By default users will not receive an error message back to them in the case of an error occuring - you can enable error reporting from "Feature Settings and Options". Also note the script will require replies to notifications are made from the same address they were sent to.
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