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EXIF v2.1

Display EXIF information of image attachment
Compatible With 2.0 RC3
Latest version v2.1
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Display EXIF information of image attachment

         ******** Before installation ********
         It is using the php built in exif function, so you must have the php 4.2
         or above and enable the exif option.
         ******** After installation ********         
         I have only made the modification on the default theme, so that for other
         theme, you may need to add the code to the Display.template.php in your
         theme directory by hand ( It is quite easy by reading the install.xml in
         exif package.)
         ******** Language file ********
         I have made 4 language files for the EXIF tag.
         1. English
         2. chinese-traditional-utf8
         3. chinese-traditional
         4. chinese_simplified
         And one from user.
         1. Dutch - by Xander
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