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March 29, 2009, 12:49:51 AM
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June 09, 2009, 01:53:46 AM

Childboards Only v2.0

Hide Parentboard topics and tabs.
Compatible With 1.1.9, 2.0 RC1-1
Latest version v2.0
Downloads 2,109
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Author: Bulakbol    Mod Name: ChildboardsOnly    Version:1.0
Tested: Freshly installed SMF 1.1.8 and SMF 2.0 RC1

Childboards Only

Version 2.0

  • Replaced on/off switch with hide/show switch.
  • You can now select which board to show or hide parentboard topics.
  • The parentboard topics will be hidden if checkbox is ticked.
    Admnin => Boards => Modify Boards => Modify, "Show Childboards only:". It is at the bottom.

Jun 9, 2009
+ Added Portuguese Language (Thanks FragaCampos).

Please uninstall the old version before installing this version.[/list]
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