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Guild Wars BBCODE for SMF v1.8.3-4

Adds skill popups for skills from the PC game Guild Wars.
Compatible With 1.1.8, 1.1.9, 1.1.10, 2.0 RC1, 2.0 RC1-1, 2.0 RC1.2
Latest version v1.8.3-4
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GWBBCODE v1.8.3-4 for SMF
Packaged for SMF by Amlucent aka Alchemist

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What is Guild Wars BBCODE?

Guild Wars BBCODE adds image and description popups for the over 2000 skills from the PC game Guild Wars.    This is very handy for creating player builds. Have you ever felt the need to have a synthesized view of a team build to interact with your allies, or lead it better?  Ever felt annoyed having to go to a fan site every time you want to know the exact description of a skill mentioned in a discussion?

Then maybe would you be interested in gwBBCode for your forum..

How do I use GWBBCODE?

Here is a tutorial and demo of the mod

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

- How do I teach my users how to use GWBBCODE?

Upon installation the above tutorial was placed in your forums help section.  Direct your users there.

- Where can I get those pretty Tango profession icons like are used at ?

The tango icons are available for download HERE. Follow the instructions to enable them on your website.

- All the skills default to the PVP versions, can I change it to the PVE Versions by default?

Yes, you can change the default gameplay by editing the /gwbbcode/ file.  Change the line




in this file you can also change the default Kurzick/Luxon allegiance skills and even which Wiki skills link to when clicked.

BUGs and Known Issues with this Mod

-Any skills thats name contains an apostrophe will not display correctly.  For example, The skill "Bull's Strike" will not display.  *The work around is to simply type "Bulls Strike" without the apostrophe.

-Make sure that Search engine friendly URLs option in SMF is DISABLED.

-Skill descriptions are outdated? To update your skill descriptions to current follow Liu Pi's instructions HERE

-Enclosing gwbbcode items with [pre] tags will not prevent gwbbcode from being parsed on SMF as stated in the tutorial.  Instead you should use SMF built-in [nobbc] tag to prevent any bulletin board code from parsing.

-If the gwbbcode pickup feature does not function properly double check to make sure that pickup.php and pickup_db.php are writable with the appropriate permissions ie 777 or 755.  Also, depending upon how your site is layed out you may need to enable subdomain independant cookies in your admin area.

-This Ajax Chat Mod will operate with this mod but you will have to copy your "gwbbcode" folder into the root of the "chat" folder.  IF you receive an  XML Parsing Error: follow the instructions HERE

-It has been reported to me that this mod is incompatible with the custom form mod.  I am working on it.. but its low on my priorities.


This mod should work on any version of SMF 1.1.x and any version of SMF 2.0 (Beta 4 or later).

All previous versions of this mod MUST be uninstalled BEFORE installing this version. Also, make sure to backup your database and files first.


After the installation please seek support for gwbbcode at


GWBBCODE is licensed under the GNU Public License v2. GWBBCODE is available along with its source code at  All skill icons, names and descriptions are property of ArenaNet.


  • 6/21/09 - v1.8.3-4 The Pickup function of gwbbcode is now fully operational for SMF 1.1x and 2.0.  Discover details of this great feature's usage in the tutorial. Updated skills and descriptions to reflect game update on 06/18/09.  Updated Spawning Power bonus to weapon spells to reflect dev update on 06/18/09.

  • 6/04/09 - v1.8.3-3 Fixed a major bug which caused skill descriptions not to display popups unless the smf new line was present in the theme.  Updated and clearified a few lines in the gwbbcode tutorial.

  • 5/15/09 - v1.8.3-2 Updated Skill descriptions to current as of 5/15/2009.  Added gwbbcode tutorial to install into the help section of SMF (Thanks again SiNaN!)

  • 4/29/09 - v1.8.3-1 Contained is gwbbcode version 1.8.3.  This is the first package of gwbbcode for SMF so I will do versions like linux packages.. this is v1.8.3-1.


-Most of all, thanks to Lui Pi at for making gwbbcode

-Thanks to DeathClaw for the original instructions for enabling gwbbcode for SMF.

-A big thanks to BlueDream/SiNaN from and for helping me with SMF and the "Help Section".

-Thanks to M-DVD for solving the extra pesky news line bugs causing no skill description popup.
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