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May 09, 2009, 03:05:45 PM
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May 26, 2009, 05:39:08 PM

Multi-Quote to Cookie v0.2-1

Quote the messages anywhere in the forum and paste them all together at once in the reply box by usi
Compatible With 2.0 RC1, 2.0 RC1-1
Latest version v0.2-1
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The most requested feature for SMF (I've been aware of) is the possibility to Multi-Quote messages in the same manner as it is possible to do it in some other forum software. This is quick (and a little bit dirty) way to achieve something close to that, with as little changes to the core as possible.
This is achieved by using cookies, so if you don't have the cookies enabled, no multi-quote...

Development Note
I spent less than one day on getting familiar with SMF internals, development, testing, bug fixing and deploying of this modification. Therefore it might have some serious flaws in its design or functioning. However I do not have the time to actively develop this modification further. I hope that somebody will be interested enough to spend some time to optimize and improve current solutions or to develop something new by getting ideas from this one. This is why I uploaded this modification anyway.

How to Use
Quote the messages anywhere in the forum and paste them all together at once in the reply box by using the appropriate buttons/hyperlinks.
When you insert the quotes, multi-quote buffer is cleared. You can clear this buffer on demand by clicking on an appropriate hyperlink in the reply box.
Quotes are preserved in multi-quote buffer for 24 hours.

Installation Note
For additional themes you might have to copy the supplied files by hand.

Version Info
v0.2-1 (Tuesday, May 26, 2009):
- Installation files updated and corrected. Now mod can be installed to the RC1-1 version as well.
v0.2 (Friday, May 08, 2009):
- Some problems with XMLHttpRequest are fixed.

This little mod is dedicated to my lovely family.
I love you girls.

- Friday, May 26, 2009 -
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