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Category View v2.1

Category Page in SMF. Lists all Boards/Childboards. 3 Layouts: vBulletin, phpBB, & SMF
Compatible With 2.0 RC1, 2.0 RC1-1, 2.0 RC1.2
Latest version v2.1
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Brief Description:  Creates a Category page listing all boards in that category.  Accessible from index.php?category=[category id].  All links throughout SMF that point to a category will now point to the Category Page instead of the index page (for instance: index.php#c1 is what is happening before you install this MOD, index.php?category=1 is what will happen after installing this MOD).  This will load a whole different page, listing all of the boards and child boards in that category.

3 Category Layouts to choose from:  vBulletin, phpBB, or SMF.  Each Category can have it's own Layout separate from the other Categories.  Default Layout is SMF.  Only Admins can change this layout directly from the Category Page for that Category.

Includes the Jump To: dropdown box in the bottom right-hand corner as is shown when viewing boards and topics.  Displays the Category in here and all boards/child boards.

Sites that are using this MOD:
Smokey's Security Forums

*If you would like your site listed in here, please let me know of it by clicking on the "Support and comments for this mod" link and posting a topic up in here with your website addy, or you can pm me, and I'd be happy to add it to this list.

**Update 2.1
Fixes width of the Last Post column in the vBulletin Layout, indefinitely, that is displayed on the Main index.php page of your forum.  In order to do this, BoardIndex.template.php had to get a major face-lift, while still maintaining the actual default appearance of SMF.  All Categories within the main index.php page needed to be wrapped up inside 1 Table as it is for the actual vBulletin Forum, while still maintaining the illusion that each category has its very own table.  The default SMF Theme (BoardIndex.template.php file) has already been edited for best appearance of all 3 layouts, you should edit any of your other themes, that you offer to your members, by editing the BoardIndex.template.php file associated with that theme.  Remember the entire BoardIndex.template.php Categories will all be wrapped up into 1 table with a total of 10 Columns (8 on the inside used to display the content, 1 on the left-side and 1 on the right-side, creating the edges).

This update also fixes all column widths and layouts on the index page so that different Category Layouts on the main page will not effect the appearance of the layout.  This was only possible by wrapping all Categories inside of 1 table.

Also, now able to set the character cut off limit within Subs-BoardIndex.php at around line: 242, and will adjust the Last Post column widths accordingly...
$row_board['short_subject'] = shorten_subject($row_board['subject'], 28); Category View, once installed will change this from the default 24 to 28 as you see it in here.

**Update 2.0
Uses style="table-layout: fixed" in a feable attempt to try to fix the Last Post Column width of the vBulletin Layout.  Found out the hard way that this will not work :(  However, figured I'd leave it up here for you all in case you have problems with version 2.1.  You never know...

**Update 1.8
Adds 3 more characters to the length of the topic titles before they are cut so as to fill the Last Post column from left to right for the SMF and vBulletin Category Layouts as much as possible without sacrificing the width of the column.  Topics and Posts # counts are no longer in bold for vBulletin and phpBB Category Layouts.

**Update 1.7
Fixes height of all Boards within each category in all 3 Category Layouts.  This update may override some theme styles to be sure the layouts are displayed correctly.  Also skrunk the Child board height a little in the vBulletin Layout to make the layout display better.

**Update 1.6
Fixes a bug that wasn't sorting the Child Boards correctly.  And in some instances, child boards were not viewable, now all fixed!

**Update 1.5
Adds the phpBB layout from the list to choose from.

**Update 1.4
Now changes the index.php page's view for each category according to the layout you have selected for that category.

**Update 1.3
Fixes links, for the Category linktree, when viewing Unread Posts (action=unread).
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