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Topic & Board Note v1.0.3

Adds an option to announce important information to a topic or a board
Compatible With 2.0.2, 2.0.3, 2.0.4
Latest version v1.0.3
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Topic & Board Note 1.0.3
By Akyhne

SMF 2.0.x

Topic NoteThis modification gives you the possability add a description above a topic. This will then show on all pages for a topic.
Imagine you have announced some event in a topic in your forum. You find out the start of the event has changed. What do you do?
You could announce the changes in a new post in the topic. You could also edit the first post where you probably have the event informations anyway. But who would notice?
Now with this mod you go to the first post of the topic and edit the topic info field. Then everyone will notice. The message will show on all pages of the specific topic.

Board Note This feature can be used to specify a text inside a specific board.

o Adds a headline box above the topic where you have provided a topic text.
o Controllable permission per board and member group.
o Enhanced panel in the "Modifications"- panel where you can control such things as layout, color, enable/disable BBC etc.
o Board Note! The same as with topic note. There's no settings for this feature, as only admins have access to add board notes. Examples of use...
  • Add an explenation to a board instead of having a sticky topic to do the same.
  • having an image as teaser for the board
  • Link to important topics within the board or subboards (using )
Board Note supports HTML as well as BBC
o Costum view of board notes added.

Simply install the package to install on the SMF Default Core Theme ONLY. Remember to uninstall previous versions!
NOTE: You will have to edit Display.template.php, ManageBoards.template.php, Post.template.php as well as MessageIndex.template.php for themes using custom versions of these files!

REQUIRED: A manual edit is REQUIRED for ALL themes (other than SMF Core Default) which have a custom Post.template.php, ManageBoards.template.php or Display.template.php, unless the automatic installation feature of modding custom themes will work for you.

Just uninstall the mod as usual from the package center.

Where to change settings for the mod
This mod will only work in boards where you enabled the option. Just go to the board where you will allow topic announcements, and click the new option box called "Allow Topic Notes".
(New) From version 0.4+, there are also added member group permission.
Besides that, you can find additional options in the admin center, to change how the text should appear. Goto Admin -> Modifications and choose "Topic Note" from the menu.

Additional notes
When you create an event from the calendar, you can not add a note right away. Post the event, then browse to the first post in the event and click the 'modify' button to edit the post. From there, you can edit the topic note if permissions allow this.

Supported languages
English British

Thanks to Antes for the Turkish translation.


0.1 8th June 2009
o First beta

0.2 12th June 2009
o Second beta

0.3 19th June 2009
o Changed name from Topic Info to Topic Note through the mod

0.3.1 21th June 2009
o A minor coding error corrected

0.4 26th June 2009
o Added member group permission to the mod

0.4.1 30th June 2009
o Solved a bug when moving and redirecting a topic. Solved a text bug.

0.4.2 17th July 2009
o SMF 2.0 RC1.2 compability

0.4.3 29th August 2009
o corrected a small error and added Turkish language

0.5 13th November 2009
++ Added board note as well. The mod will now be named 'Board and topic note' (works only for RC2 and up)
o Added 2.0 RC2 support
! Redesigned some of the code
+ Added Danish and Turkish to the package

0.6 27th April 2010
Added RC3 support

0.6a 11th June 2010
Found a small bug in the installation that removed a few permission settings in admin center.

0.7 16th July 2010
! Arghh.. spiders are making troubles. Fixed a problem when a topic is hidden to a user or a spider.

0.8 2nd November 2010
Updated to work with SMF 2 RC4

0.9 14th December 2010
! Fixed undefined index error when creating an event from the calendar
- Removed 2.0 RC1, 2.0 RC1-1&  2.0 RC1.2 support
+ Added a redirect to the mods settings after installation

0.9.1 12th february 2011
+ SMF2 RC5 support added

1.0 29th july 2011
+ SMF2.0 support - out of beta

1.0.1 10th june 2012
+ SMF 2.0.x support
+ Added more predefined views, "Note View", "Roundframe View" and "Information View"
! Renamed the mod from "Topic Note" to "Topic & Board Note"

1.0.2 2nd july 2012
! Fixed topic notes being deleted when editing events in the calendar, linked to the topic. Note you can't add a topic note to the creation of the event, but after the event has been created, you can add it the usual way by editing the first post.

1.0.3 4th july 2012
+ Added custom view for board notes
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