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June 22, 2009, 03:19:26 PM
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November 11, 2009, 09:20:51 AM

Profile Fields and Icons Mod v1.0

Adds Facebook, MySpace and Twitter icons to user's mini-profile.
Compatible With 1.1.9, 2.0 RC1-1
Latest version v1.0
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This mod adds new fields and icons to the user's profile. The linked icons will appear under the mini-profile of every user. Currently the following services are supported:


This mod can import data from the Twitter Profile mod and the MySpace Field mod, so the users do not have to fill out their profiles again after you have replaced those mods with this one ;-)

Attention to those who use the MySpace Field on SMF 1.1.x!!! Only remove it AFTER you have installed our mod - not before! Otherwise your forum members will have to fill in their profiles again.

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