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September 09, 2005, 12:25:41 AM
Last Updated
November 23, 2017, 07:46:26 PM

A Karma Description Mod v2.8.1

This mod allow to see, for what user changed Karma to other users.
Compatible With 2.0, 2.0.1, 2.0.2, 2.0.7, 2.0.15
Latest version v2.8.1
Downloads 68,981
Reviews 0
Rating 0/5
Subscribers 120
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    This mod allow to see, for what users changed Karma to other users.
    Worked perfectly since 2005...

    Karma Description Mod ver.2.7.1 compatible with Default and Core theme. You can install it manually in to another themes. This mod distributed with GNU GPL v3.0 license.


    Other languages:
    If you have any other lang, you are welcome! PM
    Czech translate - Thanks to
    Spanish translate - Thanks to davidhs


    • aljo1985
      Fantastic MOD love it.. instealled freshly on 2.0RC with custom theme no proble no mod needed to the custom theme works a treat..

      Thanks for the great mod..

      100% man.

    • LuckyOne
      Thanks for creating a much needed mod.

    • eNoyx
      Hi Grek, first, thanks a lot for this mod. It's a great tool to successfully manage your users ^^

    • General_Naga
      Firstly I would like to say how useful your mod has been to myself, its deffinatly one of the best ive seen.

    • AlmazM
      Здравствуйте, уважаемый Грек.
      Спасибо тебе, за твой замечательный "Karma Description Mod".

    • mariee
      Иван, привет! Спасибо за модификацию кармы. Я считаю, один из полезнейших модов вообще!

    • Nolt
      Thanks for updating this mod.

    • Yahmez
      I second that! Thanks for updating this mod

      Grek_Kamchatka thank you for new version

    • TrueSatan
      My is often hard work and as I suspect that English isn't your native language I'm even more willing to help where I can.

    • ChristmasIsPerplexing
      I love this mod and have used it for years now.  Don't want to do without it, it's very useful.

    • [Core]
      Thanks, great mod

    • shirasnetwork
      Excellent mod. Thanks a lot.

      That's great because the mod in principle is a great idea and i would love to use it.

    • Joe N
      Installed fine. No errors

    • LexArma
      This mod is very much ready for use, and works perfectly.  I've been using this through many SMF updates

    • swampy
      Thank you Grek!
      Well Done!

    • [elenor]
      Thank you Grek!

    • R.Bourne
      Greg buddy, thanks for all your hard work though.

    • leah
      And we'd be forced to pay for it.  I think you're being rather harsh on mod developers who've spent hours and hours working on mod code, and possibly time that they could have spent earning money doing something else with their time.

      If two mods are incompatible, it means that they both alter the same blocks of code. Once one changes the block, then the other can no longer find the matching code to change. If every mod author had to read through all the thousands of mods to make them compatible with everything that could edit your Display.php file, nothing would get done at all.

      It might not be difficult to get them working together if you edit manually and/or know a little php or are willing to learn. Share your fix and give a little something back to SMF. That's what open source is about.

      Package choice is a matter of carefully reading the descriptions and support threads to work out what features mean the most to you and limit the mods you use accordingly. 

      Great mod, nice work, thank you!

    • Darthemis
      Amazing Grek, thank you very much

    • Faded Glory
      Our members love being able to see who gave them karma and why.

      Thanks for a great Mod.

    • Sabre™
      What a cool mod!
      Cant believe I havent stumbled on this before.

      Thank You !

    • swampy
      It is AWESOME!!!  We just need it updated for SMF 2 Beta 4

      The person that wrote it is a genius!

    • khamseen
      Nothing has quite compared to this mod, it's definitely the best karma mod I've tried.

    • Prosoi
      Thank you for great mod!

    • Kimmie
      ok I just installed this mod and I have to say it works GREAT!!!

    • LexArma
      Hi, this is a great mod!

    • cassie
      Love this mod! Been using it for a long time.

    • endiZ
      I have successfully installed this mod in the default skin. Great work, thanks.

    • BelleLeDonna
      Thank you again for your continued assistance tonight - I apologize for my girly goofs
      This mod is just what I was needing and my members are going to be thrilled (I'll probably get a bunch of applauds from them for getting this applied to the forums) LOL

    • revgreed
      Hi there,

      I installed this mod early this morning.   Nice, clean, quick installation.  No errors.  I tested it and it works perfectly for me.  Great job and thank you.

    • trenchteam
      Thanks! This is great! LMAO!

    • m00h
      Grek_Kamchatka, YOU'RE  G R E A T !!

      Big thanks!

    • finnhack
      Hi! Thanks for this nice mod!

      I have been using my own simple karmalog since the beginning of smf, but your mod really covers all the features my users have asked for so they are very happy.

    • JustJa
      that was PERFECT!

    • p0w3r
      I must say this mod is amazing. Congratulations and thank you.

    • RoarinRow
      Awesome Mod, thanks!  My users accepted it with open arms. 
    Release notes:

    • Karma_Description_Mod_ver.2.8.1
      *Move languages to separate files.
      *Add Spanish_es language files.
      *Add Czech language files.

    • Karma_Description_Mod_ver.2.8
      *Minor fixes.
      *Update database install script.
      *Add new indexes for karma table.
      *Fix columns delete when uninstall mod if needed.
      *Fix install script for MySQL 5.7 and newer.
      *Force karma enabled when mod installed.
      *Mod tested with SMF 2.0.15 and PHP 7.0.

    • Karma_Description_Mod_ver.2.7.1
      *Added new icons for karma labels +/-
      *Fixed bug with real_name instead of poster_name in description for concrete message template
      *Fixed bug with </div> in Description template (When applauding or smiteing)
      *Fixed bug with $button error in error log. (Reason for concrete message template)

    • Karma_Description_Mod_ver.2.7
      *Added possibility to watch how many Karma points was added for concrete post
      *Added function that allow you to change Karma Notification options on all old or new members
      *Added function that allow you to restrict Karma changes more than you want in a day
      *Added English-UTF8 encoding to package

      *Fixed bug with error "in_topic" in error log when karma was changed in Personal Messages
      *Fixed bug with personal notification when karma was changed
      *Fixed bug with "In Topic" link for members. They can't see "In PM".

      *Compatible with SMF 2.0 Gold (I still work above compatibility with SMF 1.1.*

    • Karma_Description_Mod_ver.2.6.8
      *Small fix in BoardIndex for SMF 1.1.11 (There was an error in error log)
      *Compatible with all latest SMF versions

    • Karma_Description_Mod_ver.2.6.7
      *Added function that allow to see one, or two, or how you want last karma action with description on BoardIndex (See screenshot)

    • Karma_Description_Mod_ver.2.6.6
      *This version contain all new functions and compatible with all latest SMF version (SMF 1.1.11 and SMF 2.0RC2)
      Also this package contain two installers for SMF 1.1.11 and for SMF 2.0 RC2 (English, Russian CP1251 and Russian UTF8 languages)

    • Karma_Description_Mod_ver.2.6.5
      *Added function that allow to delete karma points from members when you delete karma descriptions in karma description log
      *Added function that allow to use Karma label as link to members karma description log
      *Fixed language string in Errors.language.php Members can't see an error when KDM was disabled.
      *For SMF 1.1.* you can use KDM ver 2.3.1 but it no longer supported

    • Karma_Description_Mod_ver.2.6.4
      *Added function that allow deleting all karma points for all your members. On your request it added to Admin - Maintenance - Routine menu.
      *Fixed double linktree in Descriptionkarma template
      *Fixed russian language in ManageMaintenance.russian.php. Requiered strings was absent (Отсутствовали нужные переменные, которые отвечали за меню удаления логов кармы в админ панели)

    • Karma_Description_Mod_ver.2.6.3
      *Added function that allow to see small picture instead of standart applaud and smite labels in posts and in Karma Description log
      *Fixed bug with Viewkarma template. When "Use member names as link to their profiles" function was activated or deactivated the table in description log was spoiled
      *Mod installer was updated. Now it contain russian and russian-utf8 language.
      *Russian Внимание! Эта и последующие версии больше не будут разделяться на моды по языкам. Теперь инсталлятор содержит английский, русский кириллицу и русский utf8 кодировки. В зависимости от того, какой язык Вы используете, те файлы и будут правиться.

    • Karma_Description_Mod_ver.2.6.2
      *Attention!!! If you use KDM ver. 2.6.1 you can erase all karma description log by pressing "Empty out unimportant logs" button in Admin - Maintenance - Routine section. Be warning! This function was fixed in KDM 2.6.2 and now you can erase all kdlog by pressing special button "Empty out Karma Description log" at the same place in maintenance menu.

    • Karma_Description_Mod_ver.2.6.1
      *This bugs was fixed:
         - Fixed bug with reinstalling KDM (There was an error with "}" at the end of Karma.php after reinstalling kdm)
         - Fixed bug with notifications, when karma was changed (Users settings in their profiles was absent)
         - Fixed bug with redirecting when karma was changed in PM
         - Small fix in Viewkarma template for Administratos. "Where" field now have 9% from parent table and double linktree was fixed
         - Small fix in BoardIndex template with [Karma Stat] link.
         - Small fix in Viewkarma template. When other karma statistic was ON, progress bar was absent. Bar.gif was renamed to bar_stats.png
         - Settings with notifications when karma was changed replaced to Notification area in user profiles

    • Karma_Description_Mod_ver.2.6
      *Compatible with SMF 2.0 RC2

    • Karma_Description_Mod_ver.2.5
      *Compatible with SMF 2.0 RC1
      *For 1.1.* users - you can use KDM 2.3.1

    • Karma_Description_Mod_ver.2.4
      *Compatible with SMF 2.0 Beta 4
      *Fixed uninstall issue (Now it work great)

    • Karma_Description_Mod_ver.2.3
      *Fixed bug with "is_read" field. Now each fields are creates one by one
      *Fixed bug with restricting karma action when Explanation was enabled
      *Was upgraded an installation *.xml files. Now, users with PHP 5.2+ version can succesfuly install the mod

    • Karma_Description_Mod_ver.2.2
      *I changed restrict karma function from User name to user ID, because of users can changed their realname so engine can't restrict karma action
      *Added another one restrict karma function.
      *Users with PHP 5.2+ read this message please

    • Karma_Description_Mod_ver.2.1
      *Fixed small defect with error log. Thanks to SleePy
      *Added another one function. Now you can restrict to change karma to defined users. For example, you can restrict to change your karma and your users will be noticed about it.
      *After uninstalling the mod, i advice you upload new Karma.php couse package manager can't clean normaly this file

    • Karma_Description_Mod_ver.2.0_release
      *Fixed bug with 'Undefined index: karmanotifier'
      *Upgraded visual outputing of karma log

    • Karma_Description_Mod_ver.2.0_rc2
      *Fixed bug in Subs.php
      *Fixed bug in Viewkarma.template.php
      *Fixed bug in Karma.php
      *Fixed bug in Profile.template.php

    • Karma_Description_Mod_ver.2.0_rc1
      *Added notification function (Users can choose how they'll be notified when their karma will be changed. [None][Popup Message][Personal Message]. In PM they can see link to own karma log, reason of a change and link to the message where karma was changed.

    • Karma_Description_Mod_ver.1.9.7-2
      *Nothing new, but only RC3 compatible.

    • Karma_Description_Mod_ver.1.9.7
      *Added one new function (Only topic starters karma can be changed)

    • Karma_Description_Mod_ver.1.9.6
      *Fixed bug with separating own and whole karma log

    • Karma_Description_Mod_ver.1.9.5
      *Fixed bug in template when "Use member names as link to the profile" function  was disabled.
      *Added censoring function if you need
      *Added possibility to change karma without explanation
      *Added very important function...I separate view_ALL_karmalog and view_OnlyOwn_karmalog permissions. So, you can choose only profile owner can view his own karmalog.
      *Added compatibility with earlier SMF relieses (Including SMF 1.0.6)

    • Karma_Description_Mod_ver.1.9.4
      *Fixed bug with installing. (BoardIndex.template.php)
      *Fixed bug with sorting in ownkarma and otherkarma functions. SleePy, thank you very much!
      *Compatible with all SMF relises from 1.0.1 to 1.1 RC2

    • Karma_Description_Mod_ver.1.9.3
      *Added compatibility with SMF 1.1 RC2 and latest reliese candidates.

    • Karma_Description_Mod_ver.1.9.2
      *Fixed another one bug in Karma.php (There was trouble with points. Description present in Karma Log but there was no change in users karma)

    • Karma_Description_Mod_ver.1.9
      *Fixed bug with "Where" field (There was an errors in error log when user changed karma in Personal Messages, and there was no link in "Where" field.
      *Fixed bug in Karma.php (When user applauded other user, one smite karma point was minused)

    • Karma_Description_Mod_ver.1.8
      *Fixed bug with error in Error log, due to reverse karma action
      *Fixed bug with clear not important log (Karma log now steel in it place)
      *Added Karma Statistic function. Now, you can see:
      User MAX applauding other users
      User MAX smiting other users
      Today karma points
      Today "+"
      Today "-"
      Top 5 applauded users
      and Top 5 smited users

    • Karma_Description_Mod_ver.1.7
      *Fixed bug with "In topic" function. There were an errors in Error log, when users applauding or smiting.
      *Add "Delete" function in Karma Log. Only for Admin.

    • Karma_Description_Mod_ver.1.6
      *Another one option. Now you can display in Karma Description list, where the users karma was changed.

    • Karma_Description_Mod_ver.1.5
      *Add one more feauture. You can display users karma (Like +/-) in Karma Descrition log opposit the usernames.

    • Karma_Description_Mod_ver.1.4
      *Now if your users has no permissions to look KarmaLog list, they can't see links in own and other users profiles.

    • Karma_Description_Mod_ver.1.3
      *Compatible with all version SMF Forum from 1.0.1 to 1.1 RC1 (On 1.1 RC1 you must copy Viewkarma.php, Viewkarma.template.php, Deskriptionkarma.template.php to their directory itself from the downloaded package. Because of the bug in the package manager of SMF 1.1 RC1)
      *Added function of the viewing the own Karma Description. (User can look WHO changed his reputation, and WHOM he it has changed.)
      *Uninstall action now very nice. (After unistalling the mod, unistall.php remove "Description" field from your DB and will add PRIMARY KEY on ID_TARGET and ID_EXECUTOR)

    • Karma_Description_Mod_ver.1.2
      *Compatible with all version SMF Forum from 1.0.1 to 1.1 RC1 (On 1.1 RC1 you must copy Viewkarma.php, Viewkarma.template.php, Deskriptionkarma.template.php to their directory itself from the downloaded package.)
      *Fixed bug with repeated action after "Karma waiting time" is out.
      *Added sort function.
      *Added permission (Who can view Karma log).
      *User names now can be a link to the profile.

    • Karma_Description_Mod_ver.1.1
      *Compatible with:
      SMF 1.0.1
      SMF 1.0.2
      SMF 1.0.3
      SMF 1.0.4
      SMF 1.0.5
      SMF 1.1 Beta 3 Public

    • Karma_Description_Mod_ver.1.0
      *Compatible with SMF 1.1 Beta 3 Public

    • Q: i have error when installed...
           Execute Modification     ./Themes/default/Display.template.php     Test failed

      A: Are you currently using any mods that have already edited Display.template.php? From my experience, a fail usually indicates that the required code cannot be found usually because it's not there or it's been edited by another mod.

      Have a look at the section of code that the mod is trying to find and see if you can match it up:

      If not, you'll need to manually install the mod.

    • Q: I installed today this mod and i have some problem.
      I dont see any text in admin area, even i do see boxes and simialr

      A: Do you use the english-utf8 languagepack?

      If yes, you have to make the changes from the english languagepack to the english-utf8 languagepack or you have to install this mod:

    • Q: all moderators of my site could not see below link
      they say it gives "you dont have a permission to see this page" error

      A: The error says it all. They haven't got the permission to view it.
      Have you checked the permissions and the mod settings?

    • Q: is this mod only for the default template? if it is how can i use it for another template? thanks
      A: Yepp, it's only for default theme. In custom theme you can install it manually

    • Q: How to make mods work with themes?
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