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August 12, 2009, 11:36:15 AM
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August 21, 2009, 02:07:37 AM

RandomSecure_1.00 v1.0

Random Verification Questions
Compatible With 1.1.10
Latest version v1.0
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Random Verification Questions

Version: 1.00 Date 2009-8-8
Compatibility: SMF 1.1.7..???


Adds Random verification questions.  You can add up to 2 questions which must be answered by the applicant before registration is permitted.

The administrator creates up to 2 text files of questions and answers with "~" delimiter and places the files in the Sources directory. the registration program then parses the file and randomly selects a Q & A from each file and presents them on the registration screen.

These can be used for anti spam as in the original Mod or for registering a community of people who have common knowledge of the questions being asked.
(this is the reason I made the Modifications to this Mod....)

The questions should be kept relatively short  to be able to fit on one line per question. the text file can have any name, but must use the format

What month is has 28 days normally~february
What state is the largest~alaska
What color are bananas~yellow


The settings for this modification are located in Admin -> Members -> Registration -> Settings.

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