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March 28, 2004, 09:11:20 AM
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Ultimate Shoutbox v1.40

This is your basic shoutbox.
Compatible With 1.1 RC1, 1.1 RC2, 1.1 RC3, 1.1, 1.1.1
Latest version v1.40
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This is your basic shoutbox.  Your registers users type in a message and click shout.  Guests on your
site (if you give them access to the block) will type in their name, email address and message before
clicking shout.

The format of each 'shout' is Date, Name, Message.  If a registered user posts a shout, their name
becomes a link to their profile.  If a guest posts a shout, their name is a mailto: to the email
address they entered.

For administrators, there is also a delete button next to each individual shout.

The ultimate shoutbox for YaBB SE was originally written by Greg Haase.

Making the shoutbox appear:
This modification will NOT modify any of your themes for you during install - this is to allow you to put the shoutbox where you want it to appear - not where I say! To actually make the shoutbox appear you need to modify the themes to display it. This is a VERY simple process I will take you through below.

Firstly, confirm the installation was successful. You can do this by going to "Feature Settings and Options", if you see some shoutbox options at the bottom of this page the install worked - well done!

Now, you need to edit a template to display the shoutbox. Most people will want the shoutbox to appear on every page - in this case you want to edit the file called index.template.php found in each theme directory - the default theme is Themes/default/index.template.php

Work out where you want the shoutbox to appear, and add the following code to the template:

if (function_exists('smfshout'))

You may find that you want to put the code in the middle of some existing HTML, and if you are not familiar to PHP may find adding this is causing your forum to error. If this is the case replace the code above with:

if (function_exists('smfshout'))
echo '

and this should fix the error!

Editing the shoutbox template itself:
If you want to edit how the shoutbox itself looks (for example making the message box bigger, putting it in two columns), you need to look at the shoutbox template. The shoutbox template is in the file called shout.template.php, and is located in your Themes/default directory. There are three functions in this file, one does the archive, one does the main shoutbox, and one does the form people shout into. Just edit the HTML in this file to change the appearance of the shoutbox on your site.

Please note, if you do change this file I recommend you keep a copy of the changes you made - as if you upgrade your forum in the future and reinstall the mod - your changes will of course be overwritten!

Putting the shoutbox elsewhere on your site:
If you want ideas for where to put the shoutbox on your page, please read this thread for examples. Note also you can use SSI to add the shoutbox elsewhere on your site - refer to: for examples of this!
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