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October 21, 2009, 07:32:13 PM
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Boilerplates for posts vV3.1

Predefined text modules for posts
Compatible With 2.0.7
Latest version vV3.1
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Boilerplates for posts

Version: 3.1 Date 06-04-2014
Compatibility: SMF 2.0.7
Author: Dodo
Translation: Jorin/Dodo/Bugo

This modification allows to define boilerplates within the admin control panel and enhances the editor with a drop-down list. The chosen boilerplates from this list will be inserted into the editors textfield.


  • Easy configuration within admin control panel
  • permissions for each user group
  • activate/deactivate within admin control panel
  • build groups in drop down list
  • BBC and HTML (if allowed) in boilerplates
  • Multiple lines support

  • English
  • English-UTF8
  • German
  • German-UTF8
  • Russian
  • Russian-UTF8
Please feel free to translate the MOD and contact me for adding.


The configuration page for the Boilerplates for posts modification can be found here: "Admin -> Forum -> Posts and Topics -> Boilerplates".


You have to uninstall older versions first!
Before you can use the modification while posting, you have to enable the modification.
After installation only the admin can use the drop down list. If other groups should use this as well, go to "Admin -> Members -> Permissions -> General Permissions".
Before the boardmoderators can use the modification you have to enable the option "Enable for boardmoderators".


Support, comments and bug report will be found here: Support
Deutscher Support:


Thanks to the team of and the customizers of for their support.

Special thanks to Jorin ( and Bugo for the translations, to Din1031 (Customizer) for help with the editorcode and to Ruediger ( and Dismal Shadow for testing.

!Fixed a bug concerning HTML entities.
*Converts boilerplates on the fly between HTML and BBC, so the right markup is inserted.
*Added compatibility with SMF 2.0.7.
-Versions older than SMF 2.0.7 aren't supported any longer. For SMF 1.1.x support please use V3.0.
+Multiple lines support!
+More comfort while configurating.
!Fixed a bug in editor.js (2.0 RC3, 2.0 RC4). Now the selectedindex will be changed correctly.
!Fixed a bug in editor.js (2.0 RC3, 2.0 RC4). Separators cannot be focused any longer.
*New configuration design! (Admin.template.php)
*Rewritten permissionssystem!
*Optimized code.
*Installation updated to RC4 and 1.1.12!
-Older versions of SMF 2.0 than RC3 are not supported any longer!
-Non-global permissions will be deleted while installation!
+Added sessioncheck! (ManagePosts.php, Admin.template.php)
*Installation updated to RC3!
!Fixed a bug in Generic.Controls.template.php (2.0 RC2) that could broke the editor!
!Fixed a bug in editor.js (2.0 RC2) that inserts HTML code wrong!
!Fixed a bug while installation! (2.0 RC1.2, PersonalMessage.template.php)
!Fixed two bug in Admin.templte.php (2.0 RC1.2)!
!Fixed a bug in PersonalMessage.template.php and Post.template.php (2.0 RC1.2)!
!Fixed a bug that pemissions are deleted while installation!
!Fixed bug in ManagePosts.php
*Changes in code and DB!
+Supports PM editor
!Fixed the WYSIWYG bug - MOD is now usable with active WYSIWYG editor! (only SMF2.0)
!Fixed HTML bug
*New permission system: Now there are global and board permissions. For using the MOD in PM, etc you have to set the global, for using while posting the board.
*Optimized template (only SMF2.0)
*Optimized code
-You will have to set all permissions again!
!Fixed Post.template.php in 1.1.10 (Bug broke pm editor)
-Version 1.2.1 is only important for 1.1.10 users!
!Changed version in package
!Fixed some bugs in Managepost.php
*Adaptation of the readme

! Bugfix
+ New Feature
* Changed
- Info Only
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