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October 29, 2009, 07:10:52 PM
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Live Emoticon Library v2.7.0

Add a live emoticon system into your forum where members can add new emoticons!
Compatible With 1.1.10, 1.1.11, 1.1.14, 1.1.15, 2.0 RC3, 2.0, 2.0.1, 2.0.2, 2.0.3
Latest version v2.7.0
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Live Emoticon Library

Description: This modification integrates the resplace emoticon library into your fourm and allows users to post emoticons into topics.

Emoticons are added with one click using [e][/e] tags and are downloaded onto your server so that if our service goes down emoticons will still load on your forum (and it saves us bandwidth).

The library of emoticons can be expanded by you and your members using our submission system!

Version History:

  • V2.6.0

    • New XML reading class (much easier and faster).
    • GUI tweaks and fixes.
    • You can now choose to remove adult oriented emoticons by editing /resmoticons/settings.php.
    • Donate button fixed!.

  • V2.5.3

    • Incorrect CHMOD fixed.

  • V2.5.1

    • CHMOD warnings are now suppressed.

  • V2.5.0

    • New Style/Layout
    • Donate/Refresh/Upload buttons are now at the top to the right of the heading
    • Now you can click on the box instead of having to click the emoticon image.
    • Categories now show the category image like on the website (per API update).
    • CHMOD changes so it works correctly.
    • Emoticons can now be used in personal messages.

  • V2.4.1

    • Support for SMF 2.1
    • JS Fix so that the iframe works on forums in a sub-folder.
    • information on CHMOD if it fails.

  • V2.4.0

    • Support for SMF 2.0
    • Small fix stopping "server configuration" error! (definitely fixed now!!
    • Emoticons now display in a line as far as they can until a new line is required
    • Emoticon sizes are now limited in the preview pane so everything displays nicer!!
    • Emoticon frame can now be dynamically resized just like the topic box using the horizontal ruler
    • Update to emoticon linkback url to confirm with new site workings
    • Main library site has also undergone site improvements (and more expected)!

  • V2.3.1

    • Support for 2.0 RC1, RC2, RC3 (tested on RC3)
    • Small fix stopping "server configuration" error!

This modification connects to a remote server ( to fetch and parse XML documents.
In addition to this the modification also fetches gif/png images (the smileys) from and stores them on your server as and when they are used within the forum, this is done so that emoticons load more reliably on your forum but also to save us from bandwidth usage (basically it creates a cache which you could clear any time!).

Full care is taken to minimize security risks to your forums, and our system implements admin approval on all emoticon submissions to eradicate spam. Although we have taken all the precautions we can with this script the fact still remains that if we was to get hacked you may be compromised, although this seems highly unlikely we all feel you should be warned of this small risk.
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