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January 08, 2010, 10:57:44 AM
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Board Notices v1.0.2

Adds a notice on top of the message index for selected boards
Compatible With 2.0 RC2, 2.0 RC3, 2.0 RC4
Latest version v1.0.2
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Board Notices v1.0.2

Adds a notice on the Message Index for selected boards

How do I...

...modify the notice

To modify the notice that appears above the board on the message index can be done by going to the Modify Boards section in the Administration Center where you normally go to modify the boards settings.  Also, the use of html is permitted for the description.

...only show the description without a title

The title is an optional parameter, by clearing the notice title and saving the description will be displayed on its own.

I'm having issues with... changes not being seen

This is due to SMF's caching system caching the boards information, for your changes to become active you first need to clear the file cache which can be done in the Maintenance section in the Administration Center.
...missing instructions/text when modifying the board

This is either due to using a different language or if you have utf8 enabled.  To fix you first need to view the Manual Install Instructions for this mod which is available on this page.  Then copy the lines for the file ManageBoards.english.php.  If you're using utf8 then you need to copy those lines into the utf8 equivalent (I believe it's called ManageBoards.english-utf8.php).  If your using a different language then you need to copy those lines into the equivalent language file for ManageBoards.
...undefined index errors for mboards_notice_title/mboards_notice_title_desc/mboards_notice_description/mboards_notice_description_desc

This is also caused by using a different language or having utf8 enabled, so follow the instructions above.
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