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January 21, 2010, 06:21:19 PM
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March 09, 2011, 12:13:47 PM

Current Signature Mod v1.2

Current Signature Mod shows the members current signature below the edit signature field
Compatible With 2.0 RC2, 2.0 RC3, 2.0 RC4
Latest version v1.2
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Current Signature Mod

Author: S-M-F Modders Team
Latest Version: 1.2
Compatible With SMF: 2.0 RC2, 2.0 RC3, 2.0 RC4


Current Signature Mod adds a field below the signature editing field that shows the members current signature. So they don't have to go back and fourth between summary and profile edit to see their signature before or after editing.



Package Manager should work in most cases. If you need to make any edits, the full list can be obtained from the Parse function on the right.

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Version 1.2 Changelog

+) Current Signature Description.
+) SMF 2.0 RC4 Compatibility.
+) Code Optimized to SMF Modders Standards.

Files modified by Current Signature Mod 1.2

SMF 2.0 RC2, SMF 2.0 RC3, SMF 2.0 RC4
Source Files (./Sources)

  • Profile-Modify.php
Template Files (./Themes/default)

  • Profile.template.php
Language Files (./Themes/default/languages)

  • Modifications.english.php

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