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February 11, 2010, 06:42:52 PM
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September 17, 2017, 01:34:43 PM

Error Log Counter v1.0

Changes the Error Log menu item to read Error Log (xyz) where xyz is the number of errors
Compatible With 2.0.14
Latest version v1.0
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SMF 2.1 Support: This is built into SMF 2.1.  You will see a indicator on the Admin Menu link showing you not only errors, but other quick counts.

At times it is all too easy to overlook the fact there are errors in the admin panel's error log, and especially for mod authors while testing, critical information is often in the error log.

To help forum admins see that there are entries in the error log - so that they can be promptly attended to, the SimpleDesk team brings you this very small, but useful, mod to highlight when there are items in the error log.

During development of SimpleDesk, we've used this ourselves to note when there are errors, both on the SimpleDesk site and on local development environments, and thought we'd like to share it with you.
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