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April 05, 2010, 09:41:56 PM
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Default signature v1.0

add a custom sig if the user has not set a signature
Compatible With 2.0 RC3
Latest version v1.0
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Default Signature
by 130860

This mod allows the admin to add a custom code (you can use bbc) that will appear on the signature only if the user has not been set a signature.

settings for this mod can be found in

- Admin->Configuration->Modifications for 2.0

For  2.0 RC3 only

Supported Languages
o English/utf8
o Spanish_es/utf8
o Spanish_latin/utf8

I welcome translations, please post it on the support post ;)

$txt['def_sig_user_code'] = 'Place your code for default signature here:(you can use bbc code) ';

Simply install the package to install on the SMF Default Theme AND any other theme which does NOT have a custom Display.template.php

if you have a custom Display.template.php   do this:

Code (find) Select

// Show the member's signature?
      if (!empty($message['member']['signature']) && empty($options['show_no_signatures']) && $context['signature_enabled'])
         echo '
                     <div class="signature" id="msg_', $message['id'], '_signature">', $message['member']['signature'], '</div>';

Code ( add after) Select

elseif   (empty($message['member']['signature']) && empty($options['show_no_signatures']) &&!empty($modSettings['def_sig_user_code']) )

echo '
                     <div class="signature" id="msg_', $message['id'], '_signature">', parse_bbc($modSettings['def_sig_user_code']) , '</div>';



1.0 - April 05, 2010
Initial release
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