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April 22, 2010, 09:50:42 PM
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June 21, 2011, 06:14:13 PM

Facebook Like Mod vv.2.0

Facebook Like Button in Topics
Compatible With 2.0
Latest version vv.2.0
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Facebook Like v.2.0
By bluedevil


Bug Fixes / Updates
1.) Created v.1.1 on April 23 2010
2.) Board permission support added April 24 2010
3.) Updatated to SMF RC4 on December 2010
4.) Removed Open Graph on December 2010
5.) Moved the Like button for better view on December 2010
6.) Fixed FB code where FBlike showed on all boards instead of selected ones.
7.) Updatated to SMF RC5 on March 2011
8.) Updated to SMF 2.0 Gold | June 2011

This mod installs the Facebook "Like" button on every topic, first post only. When the Facebook user clicks on it, a link with title will be posted in the Facebook users Recent Activity wall.

Board permissions also included.

If you need support or need customize help, please post in the thread at Thanks!

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