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Dream Portal v1.1

What Dreams are made of!
Compatible With 2.0.2, 2.0.3, 2.0.4, 2.0.5, 2.0.6, 2.0.7, 2.0.8, 2.0.9, 2.0.14, 2.0.15
Latest version v1.1
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NOTE: The Dream Portal Team grants permission to redistribute, an unmodified version, of Dream Portal to:  SM and SMF.

Current Version: 1.1
Campatiability: SMF 2.0+
Official Site:
For Support & Extensions:,68.0.html
Additional Info:  This package automatically includes bug fixes from Dream Portal 1.1 Update Packs #1 through #7.
FYI: Some pictures that represent Dream Portal may require certain extensions (templates, and/or modules) in order for you to display your pages in the exact same manner.

What Is Dream Portal?
Dream Portal is a modification for Simple Machines Forum that turns your forum into a full-fledged portal. It comes, fully equipped, with a Homepage, Dream Menu (Menu Manager), Dream Layouts (Layouts Manager), Dream Pages (Page Manager), and an Extensions Manager. The blocks of content are called "Modules" which can be installed/uninstalled at your convenience.  Dream Portal is easy enough for newbies, and advanced enough for experts.

The Core Features Of Dream Portal
At first glance the standard features of Dream Portal may seem the same as other portals, but they are designed differently and managed very differently. The core features include:

  • General: Information section lets you know if you are using the current version of Dream Portal, displays the credits ofcourse, as well as the DP 1.1 License, and site news.  Configuration section provides the option to remove the Dream Portal copyright from the footer of your SMF Forum for whatever your reasons might be.  In addition, you can disable the Menu Manager (Dream Menu) and Page Manager (Dream Pages) that not only removes the items from user's view, but hides the administration sections as well. This works great in case you ever want to use another Menu Manager or Pages SMF mod instead of Dream Menu and/or Dream Pages.

  • Homepage: as it seems to be the standard nowadays.  Dream Portal offers a "Homepage" that can be disabled at any time, and is managed with the layout manager.

  • Dream Layouts: Utilizing a Drag & Drop feature, you can organize your "Modules" which are blocks of content within sections of the "Layout".  Layouts are not restricted to just certain sections such as a "Top", "Bottom, "Left", and "Right". You can add as many sections as you want to your layout. Each layout can also be specified where it can be shown anywhere on the site, even areas added by other SMF mods.  To fully understand how you can get any URL on your site attached to a layout, and/or to learn how you can create Board Specific Layouts (that show within an entire board, and all of it's topics), please visit the following link where this is discussed:  Getting Your Layout To Only Show Where You Want It

  • Dream Menu: Dream Portal comes with it's own Menu Manager, which allows you to add & remove menu items from your SMF menu. You can even add up to 2 sub-level menu items.  Dream Menu integrates with Dream Pages so that you can even create menu buttons for your Dream Pages.  You have the ability to place Dream Menu in maintenance mode as well in order to build a menu behind the scenes and than just disable maintenance mode when you are ready for the Menu to be live on your site.

  • Dream Pages: Dream Portal also comes with a built-in page manager that can handle BBC, HTML, and PHP output. It features a full permission set such as who can view the page.  It also features a "status" that can be activated and/or deactivated without removing the page.  Ability to place Dream Pages in Maintenance Mode that will allow you to work on the pages behind the scenes and just disable Maintenance Mode when you are ready for the pages to be live on your site.

  • Extend Dream Portal: The Extension Manager is where all extensions to Dream Portal are installed, uninstalled, and/or deleted. These extensions include:

    • Modules: These are blocks of content that are added to a layout. The reason why we call them "Modules" instead of "Blocks" is because they are installed or uninstalled and have settings via module admin that requires no coding skills to operate.  Furthermore, they can take on any shape and blocks refer to a square-looking appearance.  In addition, any module can be "cloned" which means a copy is automatically generated, and the settings can be modified to operate separately from which it was cloned. So for example, if you install the "shoutbox" module, you can clone it, and have as many "shoutbox" modules as you want, with each one having it's own settings.  This applies to all modules.  Many modules offer unique features that support cloning.  For example, a module could be a button, that, when cloned gives you a total Navigation Menu for important areas of your site.  Dream Portal 1.1 now supports Empty Modules, which means that when these modules are enabled, they can break out of the Layout sections and be placed anywhere on your Layouts, anywhere at all!  A good example of an empty module is the Content Flyout Module.

    • Templates: Currently, templates are for modules only.  Adding templates allow you to change the way the module container appears on your forum within your layouts.  Each module has it's own template by default.  Dream Portal comes with only 1 template installed, "Default", but you can add as many as you like that change the way your modules appear within layouts.

    • Languages: Dream Portal translations are packaged up and added through the "Add Languages" sub-section of the Extend Dream Portal DP Admin section.  Uploading a language pack will automatically add in all of the language files needed for Dream Portal to be used in your language.  Module Languages are added within Module Packages separately ofcourse, however, the main Dream Portal language strings will change to reflect the language you are using within SMF if you have that language uploaded via the "Add Languages" section, otherwise, the default, english language will be used.

  • And More: Modules can be collapsed or expanded like other portals, or you can animate the module during collapsing and expanding. Modules can have empty containers, and be displayed "literally" anywhere on the page.  Not to mention that Dream Portal 1.1 has 40+ installable modules, such as: Weather, Blog, Image Galleries, News Sliders, Ad-Manager, Sexy Bookmarks, jQuery animated Calendar Module, Content Flyout, Page Peel, and many many more...

IMPORTANT:  If you have Dream Portal 1.0.x installed, you must fully uninstall it before you upload and install Dream Portal 1.1.  This is because of the vast differences in the database structure between the 2 DP Releases.

- The Dream Portal Team
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