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March 01, 2006, 08:54:23 AM
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November 26, 2006, 09:34:41 AM

Skype & Ventrilo Icons v1.0 and 1.0b

Integrate Skype and Ventrilo like MSN
Compatible With 1.1 RC2, 1.1 RC3
Latest version v1.0 and 1.0b
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This mod completely integrates Skype and Ventirlo into your forum just as MSN and ICQ.  It is on every page that those two show up.

Edited to fix an error with the install of the database tables.

EDIT: This mod completely integrates Skype, Gmail, Ventrilo, and MySpace information into the forum.

Also, it adds the additional functionality of making all messenger icons show online/offline status.

I worked hard to make sure that any place that the original four icons show up in do these.  The online/offline status was just an added bonus.

You can check out what it looks like by going to my forum and looking at any of the posts.

EDIT:  Ok, think I figured out the issue with the load.php erroring when you install with other mods installed...

the "b" package is the version for RC3 that I fixed.
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