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notCaptcha v1.06

Captcha that requires human intelligence
Compatible With 1.1.12, 1.1.13, 1.1.14, 2.0 RC4, 2.0 RC5, 2.0
Latest version v1.06
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License GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0 (View License)
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notCaptcha is an unconventional captcha mod that requires human intelligence to be solved. Instead of entering some hardly readable text from some ugly picture, the user needs to spin pictures into the right position. It's easy for every human and nearly unsolvable by a computer.


  • easily solvable
  • funny pictures
  • ability to use your own pictures (highly recommended!)
  • currently not cracked by any spambot (if using custom pictures)


  • unsolvable by visually handicapped people
  • mobile users cannot register (e.g. IPhone)

Use your own pictures
Download the file.
You will find a readme.txt and a template.psd.
See the readme.txt for information on how to create and name your pictures properly.

Using your own pictures instead of the included ones will significantly increase security of this captcha!

You can have a look at the notcaptcha/gallery directory of your SMF installation for examples.


  • Czech Thanks to sejrac!
  • Danish Thanks to schnipper!
  • English
  • French Thanks to Ar-S!
  • German
  • Italian Thanks to caribe1999!
  • Polish Thanks to becometa!
  • Portuguese Thanks to candidosa2!
  • Russian Thanks to AERUSUA!
  • Serbian (cyrillic) Thanks to ZakM!
  • Spanish Latin Thanks to nicofarina!
  • Turkish Thanks to Ilkharnos!

If you like to provide other translations, feel free to post them in the forum thread!

If you're using the default theme there is nothing to do other than installing the mod via the admin interface.
But you might want to have a look at notcaptcha/notcaptcha_config.php for some custom settings.

If you are using a custom theme you need to edit one to two files. (Register.template.php is not included in every template and so does not need to be changed manually)

index.template.php (for SMF 1.x and 2.x)

// add notCaptcha code
echo '

right before

Register.template.php (for SMF 1.x)

// add notCaptcha
echo '<tr><td width="40%"><strong>'.$txt['notcaptcha_form1'].'</strong><br />
<div class="smalltext">'.$txt['notcaptcha_form2'].'<img src="'.$modSettings['notCaptcha']['url'].'vertical_sign.png" alt="^" border="0" /></div></td><td>
<div style="display:block;padding-bottom:5px;" id="captchaImgDiv">';
echo '

// Are there age restrictions in place?

Register.template.php (for SMF 2.x)
The mod should install fine for SMF 2.x as it supports modifying all installed themes. Else you need to parse the install_2.xml by yourself and figure out where to put the code.

That's it!


QuoteVersion 1.0 - 03.02.2011
   * Initial release
Version 1.01 - 12.02.2011
   o Config is now dynamically generated on install, including a random salt for cookie encryption. This will make cracking much harder for spammers.
   + Portuguese translation Thanks to candidosa2!
   + Polish translation Thanks to becometa!
   ? there is no need to update if you have installed v1.0 already
Version 1.02 - 12.02.2011
   ! fixed session changes not handled properly
   ? backup your notcaptcha_config.php and newly added pictures, uninstall and install the new version
Version 1.03 - 13.02.2011
   ! cookie exception handling
   * some code cleanup
   ? completely reinstall notCaptcha (including your config), backup your custom pictures
Version 1.04 - 13.02.2011
   ! fixed no images showing when guests are not allowed to see the forum
   ? backup your notcaptcha_config.php and newly added pictures, uninstall and install the new version
Version 1.05 - 20.02.2011
   ! session error when standard SMF captcha was entered wrong first but notCaptcha was right
   * minor code cleanup
   ? backup your notcaptcha_config.php and newly added pictures, uninstall and install the new version
Version 1.06 - 23.02.2011
   ! session problems during registration when some data was entered wrongly
   * improved SMF2 compatibility
   ? backup your notcaptcha_config.php and newly added pictures, uninstall and install the new version
Version 1.06.1 - 23.02.2011
   * updated license information
Version 1.06.2 - 11.03.2011
   + Russian translation Thanks to AERUSUA!
   + Spanish Latin translation Thanks to nicofarina!
Version 1.06.3 - 17.03.2011
   + Italian translation Thanks to caribe1999!
Version 1.06.4 - 03.04.2011
   + French translation Thanks to Ar-S!
Version 1.06.5 - 05.07.2011
   + Czech translation Thanks to sejrac!
   + Serbian (cyrillic) translation Thanks to ZakM!
   + Turkish translation Thanks to Ilkharnos!
   + Danish translation Thanks to schnipper!
   o verified compatibility with SMF 1.1.14 and SMF 2.0


!Bug Fixed
?How to Update

This mod was originally published as a Wordpress plugin by WebJema and published under the GPL license.
The SMF mod you are seeing right now is published under the LGPL v3 license (with permission of WebJema) and has been ported to SMF by fr3aker.
464.13 KB v1.06 1.1.21, 2.1 RC4
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