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Wordpress 3.0+ User Integration v1.1.4

Wordpress 3.0+ User Integration
Compatible With 2.0 RC5
Latest version v1.1.4
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This is an integration for Wordpress 3.0+ and SMF 2.0 RC5+.

Some basic features:
  • All user registrations and logins/logouts must go through SMF
  • Wordpress and SMF can reside in different databases with different database users if you wish
  • If a user doesn't exist in one of the systems when logging in, they will be created automatically
  • When a user registers in SMF, they will be registered into WP as well
  • When a user updates their profile in SMF, it will update in Wordpress (future feature: create a separate profile screen in SMF admin panel that maps to profile in Wordpress)
  • Map Wordpress Roles to SMF Membergroups and vice versa.  If their membergroup changes in SMF, it will change in Wordpress.  If a user doesn't exist in SMF, but does in Wordpress, they will get a SMF membergroup that you have associated with their Wordpress Role (and vice versa for users in SMF but not WP).
  • The only thing you need to enter in the admin panel after installing is the path to your wp-config.php file.  The mod even tries to auto-locate this file for you on your file system.

    PHP 5.2+ and a MySQL database is required for this mod to work.  It will throw an error on installation if you are not on PHP 5.

    Please see for known issues/bugs/features, as well as more documentation and the most up to date code (for those daring enough to download and compile their own packages from the latest development code).  Only releases here on Simple Machines are supported, however I will gladly accept bug reports for non released, "trunk" code.
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