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May 05, 2011, 08:16:12 PM
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June 01, 2011, 08:04:29 PM

Replies and Views on Recent Posts v1.2.1

Replies Views Recent Table
Compatible With 2.0 RC5
Latest version v1.2.1
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This is my First mod i ever made

This will Add the Replies and Views of the Posts to the Recent Post bar
Its a little ugly at the moment cause its just add the Translation Text and the Number but in Future it will look friendly


I tested this only on 2.0 RC5 without any mods so its maybe not working with other Versions or Mods.

Features for the Next version:

- Icon infront of Titel
- Complete in a Table


- added a Table
- Fixed some little bugs
- removed the german translation cause it faild

At the Moment i cant handle it with the Icon infront of the Subject so we have to wait until i found a way :)
Before you install the New Version, uninstall the previous cause its not updating it.

You may have to use it with "Recent Topics On Board Index" for an Better look

Changelog for 1.2

- Fixed Undefined index 'icon' .... BoardIndex.template.php line 333 caused by $post['icon']
- Fixed validation errors (table inside <dl>)
- Added <install for="2.0 RC5"> and <uninstall for="2.0 RC5"> in Install.xml
- Changed <id>views-replies</id> to <id>pzyhô:views-replies_1.2</id> in package-info.xml

Changelog for 1.2.1

- Fixed validation issue in HTML

Enjoy it ;)
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