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PMx-Subforums v1.41 (updated) v1.41

Compatible With 2.0.4
Latest version v1.41
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This Modification is based on GooseMoose / Orstio Shared Forum and a idea/code of ahrasis.

What is SubForum and what can it do for you?
If you have a large forum with many categories and board, this feature can help you, to split all the boards into smaller pieces. The splitting is based on the categories.
You can setup the categories for each Subforum. In the Subforum you see (and can work) only with the boards and topics in the categories, they you have assigned to the subforum.
All SMF internal functions like unread topics, search and much more worked only on the boards you can see. Any attempt to read a topic outside the subforum, ends in message, that you not have access to this. Also you can setup which Membergroups have access to each Subforum.
SubForums works also perfect with the Portal Management Extension PortaMx up from version 1.0 and we have added a sample PHP block to switch between the Subforums and the Main forum.

How it works and what you have to do?
Subforum work with a domain alias like subforum.domain.tld. To use this, you have to create the domain alias you will use and then setup your Subforums (assign the categories).

For the Mainforum you have two settings:
Admin access only:
If checked, a Administrator Login is shown (as in Maintenance) and only the Admin or Members with "admin_forum" permission can login to the Mainforum.

Disable XML/RSS feed:
If checked, the XML/RSS feed don't send boards outside the Subforums on sa=recent or sa=news
The XML/RSS for sa=member and sa=profile;u=# is handled as follow:
Admin access only NOT checked: the feed is send, all links points to the Mainforum.
Admin access only checked: if a Subforum with Guest or Regular Members access exists, the feed is send, all links points to this Subforum. If no Subforum found, the feed is NOT send.

After the installation you find a new entry SubForums Manager under Admin - Forum.
Form here you can setup your SubForums and  you can test your settings (see images).

New release you can found and download on Github
NOTE: The Github Archives are packed into a subdirectory. This need a repack !!!

Admin - Forum Dropdown:

Admin - Main screen:

Admin - Settings screen:
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