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August 06, 2011, 03:27:28 PM
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Censor Adsense on Bad Words - Hide Advertisement on objectionable topics v1.0

Censor / Hide Adsense advertisements on topics with objectionable languge and bad words
Compatible With 2.0
Latest version v1.0
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Censor Adsense on Bad Words
by Ricky.
For SMF 2.0, 2.0 RC5


This mod allows you to check whether a topic is with objectionable words which may violate Google Adsense Policy. This mod gives ability to check using $context['ads_censor']. If condition is true, you should not show ad, if false, one can show ads.


Demo Coming soon


Simply install it via package manager and use it after modifying Administration settings. Give a comma separated list of words for which you do not want to display Ads.


This MOD will not do any visible change in your forum but actually provides $context['ads_cesnor'] variable, so on Thread Display or Topic View you can check whether $context['ads_censor'] is empty or not, you can add following in your Display.template.php 


echo '<div> YOUR Advertisement / Adsense Code here</div>';

Practical Example

It can be useful in case where you have few topics those are against policy of your advertiser and instead of banning those words, topics, you want user to give full freedom of discussion yet don't want to violate Advertiser policy, then you can use this MOD to hide such ads only on those Topics automatically.



1.1 beta


1.1 beta : Improved search and also making it case-insensitive
1.0 beta : Initial release
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