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January 15, 2012, 03:51:03 AM
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April 29, 2016, 11:56:25 AM

Menu Editor Lite v1.0.5

Powerful & Customizable. Finally, a powerful solution for managing SMF's menu.
Compatible With 2.0.2, 2.0.11
Latest version v1.0.5
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Brief Summary:

Powerful & Customizable. Finally, a powerful solution for managing SMF's menu, that is completely customizable!


  • Add Button
    • Button Name
    • Button Placement (Before / After | Above / Below)
    • Link Type (Internal Link [dropdown list] | External Link [define URL]
    • Target (Self, Parent, Top, Blank)
  • Modify Button
  • Remove Button
Important: In the lite version there is no support for menu items added by modification be it direct hacking of Subs.php, or modifications using hooks. I apologize for the inconvenience.


This modification is released under the Mozilla Public License 1.1.

For more information, please visit or refer to license.txt.


v1.0.5 (r3.7.12):

  • ! bugfix: second subs.php modification now takes into account the proper version for uninstalling. (!~./modifications.xml)
  • ! bugfix: the profile button now takes into account default SMF membergroup permissions. (!~./menu_source/resources/main.php)

v1.0.4 (r3.7.12):

  • ! bugfix: SMF default buttons don't show up to anyone but admins due to permissions. (!~./menu_source/resources/main.php)
    Huge thanks to Yoshi2889 for letting me investigate on his server.
  • ! bugfix: Undefined error on uninstalling due to package name not being updated in revisions. (!~./modifications.xml)

v1.0.3 (r3.6.12):

  • ! enhancement: installer utilizes text-strings rather than hard-text to "help multi-lingual forums".

v1.0.2 (r2.17.12):

  • !enhancement: phpDocumentor utilized for all source files. (!./menu_source/*)
  • !enhancement: license added to all package files, and license.txt added.

v1.0.1 (r1.16.12):

  • !enhancement: main.js optimized. (!./menu_scripts/main.js)
  • !bugfix: script tag syntax typo corrected. (!./menu_source/main.php)
  • !bugfix: double quote typo corrected. (!./menu_source/resources/hooks.php)
  • !enhancement: multiple "alpha-styled" package headers that were remaining, replaced with proper header comments.
  • !bugfix: invalid XHTML from child link IDs starting with an integer resolved. (!./menu_source/resources/main.php x2, !./menu_source/resources/ajax.php)
  • !bugfix: not all children listed in placement dropdown. (!./menu_templates/main.template.php)
  • !enhancement: on installation, only buttons are added that are not already existing in the menu_items table. (!./resources/menu_db_install.php)
  • !bugfix: target, link_type, level, id_parent and has_children default to NULL corrected: should be default = 0 or 1. (!./resources/menu_db_install.php)
  • !enhancement: PHP closing tag removed. (!./menu_language/main.english.php)

v1.0.0 (r1.15.12):

  • + Initial release!

Note: This modification does remove the unread PM counter from the "PM" menu item. The pro version allows you to add it or remove it.


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